Picture of Kenneth Okonkwo praising GEJ just as he’s praising PMB now

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has shared a picture showing actor Kenneth Okonkwo having a conversation with for mer president Goodluck Jonathan.

Reno Omokri shared the picture in reaction to a statement uttered by Kenneth Okonkwo at a politicial gathering where he was given the opportunity to speak.

At the gathering, the actor who has ambitions to become the governor of Enugu state asked Nigerians to file behind President Buhari in the coming 2019 election. He particularly asked people in the South East to support President Buhari because if they don’t they would wonder in the South East for the next eight years.

”If the South East shall support any other person for the presidency, they are going to spend the next eight years in the wilderness. It hs been agreed that it is their turn after President Buhari. Our slogan is Ndigbo for Presidnet Buhari 2019 and then Presidnet Buhari for Ndigbo 2023”, he said.

Surprised by how the actor changed and is now singing praises of Buhari, Reno Omokri tweeted:

”This is Kenneth Okonkwo when he was telling @GEJonathan the same thing he is now telling President @MBuhari. He will also say the same thing to the next occupant of that office. That is what he is good at. He knows how to ACT loyal without BEING loyal!”

Picture of Kenneth Okonkwo praising GEJ just as he's praising PMB now

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