Unserious men will study you like university course, instead of marrying you – Lady claims

A Facebook user identified as Rubby Nebechi Demian has blasted certain guys whom she labelled as unserious men when it comes to tying the knot with a lady they claim to love. This she did via a post in which she announced that a man she met 2 months ago didn’t waste time in getting married to her. She shared pictures of the union and wrote:

”Any man that loves you will not waste time to make you his wife but the unserious ones will like to study you like university course .We met on December 2017,first introduction was on 7th January 2018 and we tied the knot traditionally on 24th of February this year”.

unserious men


While the lady is lucky to have gotten married just two months into meeting her man, a certain man and a woman recently announced their divorce just 2 months into marriage. A statement announcing the divorce of the couple that got married in January 2018 has been released online.

The couple, Omorode and Doris, claimed that they decided to get a divorce after they discovered that things were not working out between them.

The statement was shared on a Facebook page known as Sapele Oghenek.

It was gathered that the couple who tied the knot in January, divorced on Monday, March 12.

In the statement, the couple stated that they made the decision to get a divorce because things were not working out between them.

The man identified as Omorode noted that his wife, Doris, is now a free woman.
Omorode said he has decided with his wife that none of them should go close to each other after the divorce.

He urged people to help them announce their divorce.

Read the statement below:
“From the couple Mr Omorode and Doris , we just divorce now, because the thing nor work.
It is good to divorce than for one to die in marriage, I, Mr Omorode have declared that Doris Omoraka is a free woman.
She can move with her friends from now upwards.
In case anybody see or saw her from today 12th of March 2018, they should know that I Omorode and Doris are not together and she is now free.
I Omorode have decided that Doris should not come close to me please, and I will never go close to her. Please inform Sapele, Delta State Nigeria and the world at large that we are done.
This is the couple final decision for peace to reign”
Signed Mr Omonode.”

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