Father refuses to marry off his daughter until groom is clean-shaven

It is the indeed the joy of every father to witness the wedding of his daughter and Inlaws in turn always try to please each other.

An indian Father however allegedly refused to marry off his daughter until groom is clean-shaven.

The Indian bride’s father claimed that he had warned the groom on several occasions before the wedding but he turned deaf ears.

Times of India reported that it took about 12 hours before the groom Mangal Chouhan finally agreed to shave his beards after the intervention of the police.

The incident took place on Tuesday, March 13, in Anjati village.

Chouhan explained that he was shocked when his father-in-law sent him back while decked up in three-piece suit on a horse.

He said:
“Everything is in order but the beard. Shave it off and then we will go ahead with the marriage.

Shocked, Chouhan resisted. His relatives also put their foot down. “How can we allow the bride’s family to bully us?”

Speaking with the police, the groom further revealed that:

“It was a minor hiccup. My father-in-law wanted me to shave my beard. But now everything is fine. Rupali is also okay with this.”

On Wednesday, March 13, Chouhan finally went home with his bride but his wife’s father had to pay extra money for the wedding reception.

Jadhav said:
“I had to pay Rs 4000 extra to the tent owners to leave the arrangements as it was, overnight. My friends were telling me how can you get your beautiful daughter married to a man who looked mad due to the beard.”


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