Queens college alumna narrates how money for the containment of diarrhoea was embezzled

Below is a story of how an amount donated by alumnae of Queens College for the containment of diarrhoea in the school was embezzled by one of the alumnae.

There was a diarrhea outbreak last year in the school which rendered some of the students sick. It is reported that the outbreak was caused by the contaminated water sources in the school which contained various forms of E-Coli, and Salmonella, among other dangerous pathogens. The Lagos State Ministry of Health had to shut down the school till the situation was contained.

The outbreak prompted the alumnae to donate money so as to ensure the outbreak was contained. Unfortunately, the total amount gotten from the donatio0n, 1,024,000 , was embezzled by one of them who travelled out of the country instead of depositing the money into the school’s account. Read the account shared by a twitter user below.

”Last year, three QC girls lost their lives to a story we were told was diarrhoea. God continue to rest their souls and give their families rest. A lot more was critical I’ll, almost to the point of death. It was very bad for QC from then on… I’m sure you all remember, if you don’t, PLEASE Google. 

You can imagine that ex QC girls did everything humanly possible to handle the matter properly. I for one, used the platform I had then to discuss it. It was no surprise to me at all when I found out ‘We’ had decided to donate whatever amount we had. I did not hesitate. I sent my ‘meagre 5000. I simply asked whose account we had to forward it to. I was informed Tolu Abubakar was my arms ‘T’ coordinator

We formed a whatzapp group, as Tolu ALWAYS notified the group whenever ANY amount hit her account. My arm in total donated just 185,000. Tolu sent to us this screenshot confirming the set coordinator had money sent.

Somehow, we didn’t inquire who the 2002 coordinator was. We didn’t think the need to. QC was in bad light. The drama was a lot. We all just wanted to help in whatever way we could.

Eventually, my set raised N1, 024, 000. Bukky Edidi-Balogun was the one who spare headed the process for my set, and till date, I’ve wondered why and how we didn’t send the money to her, just maybe we’d not be here today.

Me, I was shocked. I remember @daralicious1 and I lost. We all started to hound Tolu, our arm coordinator to explain where the N185, 000 had gone. She was clueless and promised to get back to us. Tolu stalled for a bit and I wondered why.

After weeks and months intend, Tolu had to share this on our group. We were shocked. One of her earliest responses… It became one excuse after the other. This was in September 2017”.

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