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“What happens when Stardom ends” Mary Njoku poses an important question to celebrities

Mary Njoku questions celebrities

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku has posed an important question to celebrities on life after stardom.

Pointing out how no one stays at the top forever, Mary questioned what would become of them once their fame ends.

She further asked if they have a real life to fall back on or have burnt down their real life.

“Dear celebrities. What happens when Stardom ends? Remember no one stays at the top forever.

What happens when your celebrity status expires? Do you have a REAL life to fall back to? Or you have ‘burnt down’ your REAL life”.

Mary Njoku questions celebrities

Mary Njoku admonishes Nigerians

Some weeks back, Mary Njoku had cautioned Nigerians on the need to stop being too spiritual.

In a written letter to Nigerians, Mary admonished them to stop disturbing God with their physical problems. She pointed out how Nigerians have a high number of churches and mosques, but yet lack food, security, infrastructure, health, good road, and physical justice.

She referred to how Jesus Christ fed 5000 people with physical bread and fish and not spiritual.

She also pointed out how God hasn’t punished the bad politicians despite their despicable actions.

For her, she sees these as a sign to stop disturbing him with our personal problems. As such, we (Nigerians) need a physical solution to our problems in the country as God is aware of our sufferings.

She added that He has given us the gift of life and we should use it to solve our problems.

Lower your expectation on men of God, they are humans too – Mary Njoku

Similarly, Mary Njoku had advised Nigerians to lower their expectations about Men of God.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Mary Njoku noted how Men of God are humans too and are subject to make mistakes.

The wife of Iroko TV boss noted how God chooses Men of God from what the society has to offer and the World is majorly filled with wicked, cheating, lying, and violent men.

As such, there is a high probability that any of these aforementioned people can be called to serve and can make mistakes at any point.

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