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“Lower your expectation on men of God, they are humans too” Mary Njoku

Mary Njoku advise on men of God

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Mary Remmy Njoku has advised Nigerians to lower their expectations about Men of God.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, Mary Njoku noted how Men of God are humans too and are subject to make mistakes.

The wife of Iroko TV boss noted how God chooses Men of God from what the society has to offer and the World is majorly filled wicked, cheating, lying and violent men.

As such, there is high probability that any of these aforementioned people can be called to serve and can make mistakes at any point.

“Men of God are men of God. Lower your expectations they’re human beings. God chooses disciples from what the society has to offer.

Today we have….

Kind men 23, Wickied men 77%, Cheating Men 97, Lying Men 98%, Violent Men 62%, Mumu Men 71%, Smart Men 41%, Proud Men 95, Humble Men 42.

So there is a very high probability that any of these people can be called to serve. Though the spirit is willing sometimes the flesh is weak.

Cut them some slacks”.

She added,

“This isn’t an attack o!! Of you cannot read to understand. Abeg rest!

Note: The God na Man. Man na man. Shine your eyes and use your head”.

This isn’t the first time, Mary Njoku is speaking about religion.

Those who live christ-like despite their religion are the real Christians – Actress Mary Njoku

Kemi Filani recalls that Mary Njoku had revealed that only those who live like Christ despite their non-Christian religion are the real Christians.

In what appeared to be a controversial post, the actress took to her social media platform to note that she was indeed very wary of fanatics who have made it a point of duty to judge people in the name of religion.

She added that majority of the religious fanatics she has encountered are actually very wicked and don’t live right.

Njoku reiterated that more often than normal they invest time misinterpreting the bible and defending their shady actions.

Mary Njoku advise on men of God
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