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Some men are in serious relationships because they are broke – Taymesan Spills Tea

taymesan emmanuel

Podcaster, Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh better known as Taymesan has revealed the reason why some men are in a serious relationships.

The 29-year-old who is also a model, content creator and actor shared a video on his Instagram page detailing his opinion about relationships and men.

According to him, some men are in serious relationships because they are broke. They simply can’t afford the luxury that comes with dating “baddies” (street ladies).

He further noted that when they eventually become rich, their girlfriends complain that they have changed, however, they are revealing their true character.

He wrote,

“The only reason why some, some o, some men, some bros dey serious relationship na because say them no get money. Some guys just like to dey with baddies but them no fit afford the money so them go just perch one serious relationship with their girlfriend wey dey manage them and their finances like that.

That’s why you go hear say’ oh my God…Femi has changed o he wasn’t like this before we started dating, I think the money has changed him ‘ Nooo…the money dinnor… that’s wh he always was. He was always polygamous and off the street, But he could not afford it.

Dating in Lagos

“To date for this Lagos right now, to do ashewo or to cheat, e cost die. E cost everybody just dey cut their coat according to their material because you must go date, you must toast person go to three-four date. You know how much restaurant dey collect for food, right now?
All these Lagos baddies they want flowers and flowers cost, fresh roses cost. All those early morning…send me roses

“E dey reach like two hundred thousand all those flowers wey no get head after two days. And no be say the girls like the flowers like that o, but for the view make e be like say them dey tension other baddies say ‘ah..my man send me flowers ‘ you go pay for that one, you go buy hair. Yes now..you go buy one or two things nau.

Traveling and first class ticket

“You go fly…the baddies needs to be flown out. You wey never even collect visa or buy ticket for yourself na hin you wan buy person first class, you fit buy first class? First class now na from six million upward. So when you reason all those things all those expenses you go dey with your girlfriend wey dey manage… sometimes she go even borrow you money. Your boyfriend dinnor change he just made more money, that’s his true colour coming out.

“Even if you be general manager for somewhere wey dey pay you 5 million Naira, Channel bag na ten thousand dollars, that Channel bag wey all these smallie go take dey stroll for mall dey wear mere slippers…that bag 10k dollars

Where you wan start from
You know dey with your girlfriend nau. serious relationship, serious one Because before you open mouth talk anything you go drop you go pick some bills. Before you talk to anybody right now for this Lagos you’ll pick some bills

“That’s why serious relationship now we dey advice am for young men so that bp no go enter because if you want to follow these baddies, ugh…na General hospital you go land o
I’m just saying some men o, because no be everybody I dey talk about but some men that’s the real reason why they are in relationship, it’s because they cannot afford to do ashewo or to be around it, it’s too cost”.


Kemi Filani reported that in a chat with Hip Tv, Taymesan detailed how he has been able to stay away from controversies.

Taymesan said that he intentionally stays away from drama and watches those he associates with.

“I don’t like controversies so I intentionally stay out of them. I just create a healthy space around me. I actually create my associations, my friendships, so that I don’t get into all of that drama”.

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