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“My sister lit the fire that k*lled her” – IVD’s late wife’s brother opens up

"I'm now ready" - IVD reveals he is ready to tell it all about the death of his wife, Bimbo

The death of Bimbo Ogbonna, the wife of celebrity auto dealer, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna better known as IVD continues to top the trend of violence against women in relationships and marriages on social media.

Kemi Filani news reported that the news of Bimbo’s death was announced by her sister Mama Jazz on Instagram.

Following series of controversies that has trailed Bimbo’s death, her brother, Oyindamola Martins who has been vocal since her passing detailed what transpired between his late sister and IVD.

Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze

In an Instagram live session with media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde better known as Daddy Freeze, Oyindamola said:

“The whole problem started when it was time to pay the kids school fees he was saying there was no money but he was going to clubs every night and allegedly he was sleeping at some chick’s place.

“I don’t want to mention anybody’s name because I wasn’t there. We family were like she should come to Abuja that they sort it out even if it’s to change the children’s school but she was like the guy has cheated for like 30-something years that the guy should settle her that she can’t leave with nothing, she was really frustrated. She said “I made him what he is today, I begged people not to lock him up, I stood there even when his mother was not there for him”

“This same guy has no connection with his family member, even his brother doesn’t talk to him. And this is supposed to be a good person. Fast forward to the whole tragic incident.

“The struggle started with the papers of the house they live in since that is the only property they had left. She wanted to play the fast one by quickly opening the safe with a welder so as to get the paper and move.

“I dunno who gave him the information but he drove from wherever he was to their estate. This is somebody that kicked his wife and the 5 children out a week before, I have the video. He said and I quote: “Your mother is training you people to be like her and you cannot be my kids”.

“I have a video of his son telling him to stop beating their mother and he beat him up mercilessly. This was days before this main event happened.

“He drove home and saw that she had opened the safe with the welder and she locked the door. He was trying to get his papers back and he was being violent and he was banging the door and she locked the door.

“Somehow somehow he grabbed her and dragged the paper away from her and she had no papers and now she wasn’t going to leave without anything. So she now said Tor, since this is the only house we have left let’s kukuma burn it down so the two of us will leave with nothing

“He said they invited him to Alausa police station but he refused to come because he knows a commissioner and he feels he’s covered, even the Ajah one he refused to come

What led to what? How did she get burnt?

“When he got angry and he was trying to look for the vulcanizer
Before she could lock the whole doors he got the papers back from her and she was mad and she was like tor, since na our only property be this make two of us kukuma leave with nothing then she started to lit the floor. And it was kerosene not even petrol. Her kids were not there

“She was liting up the whole house, then according to them. This was somebody that was madly in love with her husband and this is not the first time that her husband too has threatened himself If she does not come back, I think she probably expected him to say do am or no do am.

“Then when she did it she now stopped for a while and she walked round the house, him he was not saying anything he was like if you wan die, d**. Then I think she light up the curtain and it was burning they were now dragging. She now jacked him like omo…you go give me this paper today, then him pushing her off his body got her into the curtain.

Oyindamola also noted his late sister got burnt while her husband watched and did nothing. He took to his heels when they secured an hospital that agreed to treat her.

Oyindamola reveals Bimbo’s family tried to help her

Kemi Filani news reported that Oyindamola earlier revealed how her family tried to help her.

Reacting to comments on social media, Oyindamola said,

“We did everything did matter didn’t start from now it started from when she was 18years dropping out of school and giving him all her school fees was just a kid then she’s older than me with 10years we locked him up offered to pay him to stay away from her he did not agree till he got her pregnant we took her to another state he sent her a message that he was going to die if she didn’t come back she ran from abj to Lagos we still took her to rehab.

“The truth is she been in this since she was 18years we are suspecting they took a blood convent cause she kept running back to him. Ivd is known for busting different herbalist I have proof too.

“I have explained countless on this comment section how do you think an entire family would just watch one of us suffer, we took her to rehab took her to another state we locked him up, she stole from us to feed him when he had no money she was 18 when she ran out of the house with him.

“Funny how we did this lol Abimbola how were you this stupidly in love ?she dropped out of school and gave this fool all her school fees”.

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