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“You were feeding off my glory” – New details emerge about the domestic violence between late Bimbo and her husband, IVD (Video)

IVD's wife Bimbo

The saga between Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna better known as IVD, and his late wife, Bimbo is far from over as new details emerge.

Kemi Filani news reported that a friend of the deceased identified as ‘Gloria Agabosi’ in a hidden post revealed that Bimbo had been carrying ‘demonic sacrifices’ for her husband, to make him rich which consequently led to her seeing things and having a mental problem. For this reason, she has been in and out of hospitals for treatment.

Agabosi further revealed that Bimbo decided to back out of the ‘demonic’ ritual acts and this led to the violence against her by her husband. Read here

Late Bimbo’s WhatsApp chats and statuses

In a series of WhatsApp chats and statuses revealed on Instagram by blogger, Gistlover, the late Bimbo revealed how she was being the success of her husband and how he has repaid her by cheating on her and maltreatment.

The chats further revealed that she has been trying to divorce IVD while noting that he called her mother names and got physical with her mother.

Read the chats below

“Ike you and me know say I be ogbanje….I be initiate…Baba tell you, I BE YOUR ORACLE,I was told that if I leave you,everything go scatter…..where is the lie,since me and you have been at a logger head what has happened to you,look your self in the mirror child…..I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT YOU WHERE FEEDING OFF MY GLORY….ivd I will walk out of this door without your penny, But i swear to God the next tine I see you, I WILL BE WRITING YOU A CHEQUE…….I swear this one the only son I have and I FORGIVE YOU FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN BUT YOU SEE THE MARRIAGE ITS OVER.

“TO THE EXTENT YOU GOT PHYSICAL WITH MY OWN MOTHER,ITS THE AUDACITY THAT YOU HAVE…..MARRAIGE NA BY FORCE, why are you refusing to acknowledge all our letters and come to the office…. Na Nigeria useless system, If an Yankee this case is dead and gone….IVD YOU HAD BETTER COME CORRECT.

“The other day, my son, a 14 year old stood in defence for me when you were beating the shit out of me, you beat that child he was bleeding from his nose and ears.

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