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Celebrities react as motivational speaker trash Fela Anikulapo Kuti in front of kids


Nigerian celebrities have reacted after Seun Kuti slammed a motivational speaker for alleging that his father, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, played a role in seeing that her brothers ended up in jail.

Sharing the video showing the lady giving a motivational speech to some children, Seun Kuti wrote:

“See all these Lies by these idiots. Fela Name don full everyone mouth. These idiots that know of nothing sacred. Now this one is talking about her brothers that went to shrine and police locked them for 6 years for fighting? Does that make sense? I grew up in the shrine, where is my Kiri Kiri record. Let me advise Nigerian Parents, it’s ur duty to raise your kids and this woman is just as dangerous to their psyche as the ‘Marlian’ syndrome u are afraid of! It is because we allow people like this interact with our children we have an educational system that tends to reduce justice as it produces lawyers, reduce health as it produces doctors and created ignorance as it produces teachers hence the more lawyers the less justice. The more doctors the less health and the more teachers the more ignorance. Everyone just dey disrespect Fela as dem like, now this goats and her goat twins have gone to prison for ‘6 years for fighting’. Better tell the world that ur brothers were robbers. Ode!!”.


Below are some of the reactions from celebrities.

OAP DO2dtun wrote: “So how did knowing Fela send your brothers to Kirikiri or how did it result to your parents being poor. The coordinates of selling stories to sooth a lecture especially when it is a fallacy just beats me. She will mislead these young ones just to score points and make herself look good or possibly a conqueror in that has conquered nothing. Such insolence”.

Timi Dakolo: “Inspire to aspire people. Smh”

Kaffy wrote: “Asssssinnnnn it’s disrespectful and very ignorant to make such a conclusion . Asinnn is she serious ????am so angry right now wtf. These are the kind of teachings that create more criminal minds . The deterioration of the minds of the youth didn’t start with the so called marlian syndrome . It started from home . The syndrome with the help of social media just helped expose the kind of minds we have right now . It didn’t cause it instead it showcased it”.

DJ BigN: “Your brothers could have easily been picked up in any other venue or club. The picture painted lacks substance. The message could have been passed across without making the headline a phenomenon you are afraid of or ignorant about. Truly. If you did, you would understand Liberation is the only message that he ever tried to pass”.


Ayo Shonaiya: “It’s actually strange this ignorant lady doesn’t look old enough to “know” Fela in her “days”. She was probably young and her head was filled with the same nonsense she’s passing on to these kids in the video clip. But to now be doing this in this day and age?! Shocking”.

Mr Jollof: “Your brothers just go shrine them arrest them for six years Aunty take am easy na YOU TOO LIE !!! Talk Wetin your brothers do no out the blame on Fela”.

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