George Floyd: Ghanaian football, Alfred Duncan slams racists

Alfred Duncan

Ghanaian football, Alfred Duncan has lent his voice to the clamour against racism following the death of African-American, George Floyd.

According to Duncan who plays for Fiorentina in Italy, no one can bring him down with racism because those who do such are already below him.

He also expressed pride in his skin colour as he revealed that that doesn’t make him inferior to other races.

“I have been a victim in many occasions, humiliated, insulted and ignored by even the people next to me,” Duncan posted on Instagram.

“I know and I need no reminder that I’m black and I’m more than proud of who and what I am! People tend to forget we were made from dust and so shall we all end up.

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“Nobody is born racist so it’s a matter of education from parents since it starts from home. I will never feel inferior to anybody anyway nor for any reason!!! We are all human and that’s the race I know.

“Following a trending black post on social media doesn’t make you a non-racist…I won’t allow anyone to abuse me since I don’t abuse anyone so I urge my fellow brothers to be strong because anybody who tries to bring you down is already below you.

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