Nigeria will keep getting poorer if we keep bearing children – Minister

Minister of Trade and Investment, Okechukwu Enelemah, has stated what Nigeria needs to avoid in order to reduce the increasing poverty rate in the country. According to him, Nigeria will become poorer if Nigerians keep having children they cannot cater for.

The Minister made this known while reacting to the Brookings Report that rated Nigeria as the country with the most poor people in the world.

“So, I think we should roll up our sleeves as a people and do the work because, if we don’t do it, our people continue to bear children obviously, they would get poorer,” he said.

He also faulted the data for the global poverty report recently released, insisting it was collected during the period of economic recession

“I think, first, we need to understand when we get these reports that there are reports that are lagging in indicators, which means, people are reporting on history. So, when you get reports from Brooking Institution or all sorts of people, you need to look at the context. Somebody may have written a report when we were in a recession. Remember that if you are in a recession, what it means is that even though your population is growing, people don’t stop procreating… which means that in theory depending on how they run those numbers, you will be going the other way. There is absolutely no question that there is an urgency to create employment in Nigeria. What I can tell you, with certainty based on one’s background in business and economics, is that if we complete the things on infrastructure and you implement these reports we are doing, that is what I mean by a leading indicator, poverty will go down. There is no magic to it. But you have to do it first, you have put in the infrastructure, you have to implement the economic programme which is what will create the opportunities, they don’t drop from the sky.” he said.

Nigeria will keep getting poorer if we keep bearing children - Minister

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Foolishness killed those that died – Eyewitness from Lagos tanker explosion


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How this Imam saved 262 Birom christians in Plateau Fulani killings by hiding them in his mosque(Photo)

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According to reports, While they were running, the Imam saw them and decided to open his home so they can hide from their attackers. He kept the men in the mosque while the women and children he kept in his home.

The face of the kind hearted old man has been hidden by the media to protect his identity from those who might target him for possibly death

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The follower took to Ahmed Indimi's social media page to lambaste him over the recent terrible happenings.

The Lady wrote:

You are busy comparing heaven and earth Mr Ndimi! Are you aware of the fire incident that happened in Lagos that has miserably taken the lives of people ?? Are you not aware of the killing of innocent citizens of Plateau state and many others ? �. Have you seen your father in-law in nothing but a darkness to this nation?? People are dying on daily basis, yet nothing is...


Foolishness killed those that died – Eyewitness from Lagos tanker explosion

An eye witness from Lagos tanker explosion has taken to his Twitter page to give a vivid explanation on what happened as well as his opinion on the sad incident

According to him, "Foolishness killed those that died"

His series of tweets read;
I lost my phone to that berger tanker accident yesterday.

First it wasn't that tanker drivers fault, a commercial bus dropped off passenger where there was no bustop and entered d fast land back without looking at his side mirror

The tanker guy tried avoiding an accident but look at what happened at the end, he stepped on his brakes, hit the partition and tripped over, now here is d part that got me like we are really mad in d country, ignorance kill all the people that died

that tanker didn't explode immediately, people had 1min to save themselves, every minute counts in a n...

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