Happiness and Ikenna’s prewedding album and love story

It is basically awesome to realize that you and the love of your life have a similar last name. Well Happiness and her eternity love, Ikenna share a similar last name as well as a profound love for one another that can’t be halted. Subsequent to meeting at a gathering in July 2015, Ikenna popped the unavoidable question to Happiness in 2018 and got a resonating “Yes!”. Be that as it may, her dad didn’t support of the union.

In 2020, their affection did at long last arise successfully. Also, they got the endorsement of Happiness’ dad. Presently they are cheerfully hitched! Today, we relish their pre-wedding photographs and romantic tale.


How We Met
By the bride-to-be, Happiness

My name is Happiness Ugwu and my fiance’s name is Ikenna Ugwu. Yeah, we have the same surname but aren’t related😁. I met him in July 2015 at his aunt’s burial – his cousin was my sister’s roommate. The moment I saw him I knew I was going to date him. He just finished his military training. So he wasn’t that fine then. But there was just something about him that made me like him. So we exchanged contacts, he asked me out and we started dating. But it was a long-distance relationship because he was posted to Kaduna and I stay in Enugu. We did a lot of travelling just to be with each other

In 2018 he asked me to marry him and I said YES!!! But my Dad said NO!! His reason was that I was too young and in 200 level then. We were both heartbroken and sad cause we were so so in love. He said he will wait for me whenever my Dad gives his approval. So we continued dating. It wasn’t easy though, because we had so many issues but it didn’t tear us apart as our love is greater than any issue. So fast forward to 2020 my dad finally gave his approval and now I’m getting married to the absolute love of my life in a few weeks! 😭Love will always conquer all.

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