UEFA Nations League: David Seaman backs Gareth Southgate after heavy criticism from fans

David Seaman backs Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate is under fire as England’s manager, and David Seaman says he is “frustrated” by the calls for him to be fired. Seaman thinks Southgate has enough “credit” to last no matter what happens in Qatar.

On Monday, Southgate is expected to field a full-strength team as England looks to snap a three-game goalless streak. With less than two months until the World Cup, Southgate is under increased pressure as a result of the recent loss in Italy.

The matchup between Southgate and Germany on Monday at Wembley will serve as his final practise session before the Group B matchup with Iran in November. And he is aware that, despite having a contract through 2024, a poor World Cup could result in his dismissal.

“I am not foolish,” Southgate said. “My sole focus at the moment is to get the team right for tomorrow. Then we are focusing on a good performance and a good result. I know ultimately I will be judged on what happens at that World Cup.”

However, Seaman thinks Southgate, an English teammate of his, has done enough to earn more support in recent years.

“He keeps his job [whatever happens] because he’s got credit,” Seaman told the Daily Express. “He’s got to the semi-final of a World Cup and the final of a Euros. It frustrates me like mad when people talk about us not playing well in the lead-up to a tournament.

“Germany never play well up to a tournament, then it’s like boom and they’re in on it when it happens. Let’s judge him after the tournament. Quarter-final or semi-final isn’t a guarantee but we’re good enough for that.

“After that, it’s all about luck and whichever team turns up on the day. We’ve seen it happen before, big teams going out early on and there’s a surprise team that goes to the final. [Let’s] leave him alone, let him get on with it, he’s proven that he can do it in tournaments.”

Even though Harry Maguire hadn’t played much for Manchester United’s first team, Southgate decided to start him in Milan. Additionally, John Stones and Maguire are anticipated to face the Germans together.

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