NFF details real reason why Falconets got stranded at Istanbul airport

The Nigeria Football Federation has provided an explanation for the U20 Girls National Team, Falconets, overstaying at the Istanbul Airport.

Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, the general secretary of the NFF, who provided the clarification in a statement on Wednesday, insisted that a variety of factors contributed to the players’ delay at the Turkish airport.

The team had to spend 24 hours at the airport in Turkey on their way back from the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup, he claimed, due to a variety of reasons, including the inability to obtain transit visas.

The statement read:, “The NFF did not book the team’s tickets from Costa Rica; FIFA did. FIFA also did not envisage the hitches that saw the team delayed for more than three hours in Bogota, and another one hour in Panama. By the time the team got to Istanbul, the flight to Abuja had left.

“Our officials pleaded for compassionate transit visas so as to take the players and officials to a hotel inside the town, but this was not possible as they were informed that Nigeria had been removed from the list of countries whose citizens were issued visa-on-arrival in Turkey. The airline then took the team to a sleeping area at the airport and gave them tickets to have meals every five hours. This situation has nothing to do with NFF, who had made arrangements to receive the team in Abuja before the complications in travel arrangements.”

Prior to the team’s departure from Nigeria, the NFF had requested that FIFA intervene with the German Embassy to issue the team transit visas so they could travel through Germany, but “this did not happen,” he claimed.

On the issue of body wear, Sanusi said, “The players were handed three sets of green jerseys and two sets of white jerseys, several house-wear types and training jerseys. The players opted to wash only their jersey top (no other stuff) because when the first set of body-wear was sent to the laundry people at the hotel, it returned with some FIFA and NFF badges at the front and names at the back peeled by the machine.”

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