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MLS: This club not ready to receive you, there’s no security – Inter Miami star warns Messi

Inter Miami star warns Messi ahead of transfer



Inter Miami goalkeeper Nick Marsman has issued a warning to Lionel Messi and the club ahead of the Argentinian’s move to the Major League Soccer side.

He said that the club has a lot of upgrades to do before the Argentine superstar’s imminent arrival, warning that security should be a priority focus of the league and the club owners.

The seven-time Ballon d’Or holder and 2022 World Cup winner has decided to join Inter Miami this summer when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires. 

The Argentine is expected to complete the move in the next few days and make his debut later in the season.

Speaking to ESPN regarding Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami, Marsman said that the squad currently leaves the Stadium without security, noting that the fans are likely to try and get close to the FIFA World Cup winner at all chances.

Marsman said, “I personally think that this club is not ready for Lionel Messi’s arrival. We have a temporary stadium, people can just walk on the pitch, there are no gates. We also leave for the stadium without security. I think they aren’t ready. But I hope he comes.”

Inter Miami have six more league matches in the next 45 days before they take the summer break. Messi is expected to join the club when they regroup after the break from mid-July.