EPL: Klopp to take charge of 1,000th game against Chelsea

Jurgen Klopp will mark his 1,000th match as a manager when Liverpool take on Chelsea at Anfield on Saturday.

The former Mainz and Borussia Dortmund coach has now looked back on his career.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “I never though about these kind of numbers and never thought I’d be allowed to do it for that long. You have to work 22 years and somehow arrive there.

“I am really blessed. Three fantastic clubs gave me an opportunity to do my job. When you come in somewhere you never know how it will go and I’m really lucky about how things have happened. 1,000 is a crazy number.

“I’ve done the job I love for the clubs I love. I’m really blessed with it. I am still enjoying it, absolutely. Maybe people should get an honour for 1,000 good games, but I’m not sure anyone would get old enough to do that!

“Most of the time it has gone in the right direction and what you learn from that is you solve football problems with football solutions and there is always a way out. For me it’s the best job in the world. Not a relaxing job or lots of holiday, especially not (in mind).”

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