#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! How i miraculously became a brand new car owner

Many great testimonies l have
read on this blog, KFB. l have learnt to see God and believe Him in many
issues that normally would be impossible. 
 However, here is one that happened to a Brother. I call him so because
our faith brought us together. His case is so astounding to show that
God can rend the heavens open, bring earthquake upon the earth and move
the mountains to give life to anyone HE so much loves.
since l heard his story, l wonder if God loves me as to surprise me
also with such ….testimony. (I wanted to describe the testimony, no
word came)
The man is a quiet believer. We respect him in church. His story drew us more to him and more especially to God.
to him, after some days of fasting and prayers, something in him told
him to put on his best clothes and come outside of the house.
He did. He was further directed to go to a vehicle dealer and go take a
 look on the variety of cars on display. He said he was not planning to
buy a car then. Where would he have gotten the money?
he went, hoping that may be that time had come for him  to make a
headway in what he was doing. And may be God wanted to prepare him for
the next level.
As far as nothing was going to be  lost in sight seeing, he went there.
  On getting there, he was taken around by the attendant on ground to be told the prices of the vehicles he was attracted to.
when he got to a particular one, the ‘something’ told him not to leave
the place. Why? To him it was a beautiful car and very expensive. He was
respected and believed to have the purchasing means because of his
appearance. Therefore, bargaining started.
were on this when a man with his daughter came over after looking
round. The daughter wanted no other car but the one he was pricing and
   He learnt the man wanted to please his daughter; so he started pleading with him to release the vehicle and look for another.
He had nothing to do with the car he wanted to say, but the man did not give him any chance to speak.
‘Please, and Please, let my daughter have it and look for another. I don’t mind paying part of the cost as compensation’
Ehn, did l hear you well?, my  brother could just say.
Could it be the reason why he had been directed to the place ?
To him, just with a little step of faith, he went after another car.
The fear was there still of how he would find money to balance the cost
of the car, if the man fulfilled his promise.
He chose another good one though, and was about discussing the price, when he understood why he was there.
The older man paid full for the brother’s new choice even thanking him for releasing his initial choice.
To him and to us who heard the testimony first hand,’God gave him this and no man’
  It brought home the Bible verse that says no man receives anything except it is given him from above, I.e God.
It happened in 2014.
We heard him and we found it difficult to believe until we saw the work of God.
confessed then and even now that God should forgive my limiting HIM in
my heart, leaving certain things for HIM to do and not all things.
 But this brother did not tell us what he prayed and fasted for, but it was seen that he was surprised beyond his imagination.  
God and God alone !
This is 2015, oh Lord, surprise me too in a big way. I want to share mine too.
please , dont mind the time it gets to you, let it be shared in time.
So that we shall be empty of ourselves and submit to God to do only what
He alone can do-beyond what we may ask HIM or what we can think of. 
Oh, l stand bowed by God’s grace.
you find it difficult to believe, ask yourself Who gives a family or a
woman a child that becomes a king or a ruler? It is not everyone that
has them . But God’s choice!
Thanks, power, glory, honor, riches, majesty be to all sufficient God. AMEN.
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