How my third wife toasted me after my first and second marriage failed – Yemi Solade

Yemi Solaade, wife and kids

 Actor Yemi Solade whose two marriages crashed before he met his current wife, Hannah, to whom he has now been married for 14 years with two kids, has revealed how they met and fell in love

In a chat, Yemi Solade who turned 60 recently, said “We met while working on the Super Story set, that was 2003, so we have been together for 17 years. Though she has not been acting since and I hope she gets back into acting.

My wife actually ‘toasted’ me. I had previously been married, but my first wife left me and went abroad. I met my current wife on the set of Wale Adenuga’s Super Story. God indeed has a sense of humour because I met two half-castes that year, Lillian Bach and Hannah Marsh. Lillian played my wife, while Hannah acted as my secretary in that particular production. I liked Hannah, but I initially did not want to get involved with half-caste ladies because I felt they are expensive to maintain, and only rich men can handle them. However, we met again and unknown to me, she had also been eyeing me, so she asked me to bring my phone, and she dialed her number on it. We all know the rest of the story, and now, we have two kids between us. I feel it was God that wrote our script, and I am pleased with it.”

On how he has been able to maintain a successful marriage, Yemi in a chat with city People said

“My wife has made it work because she is content with me, seeing the potential I have, that I’m somebody if given a space to express himself will do well, and make good fortune for the family. She is one of my good fans. She manages everything and me. God practically dashed me that woman. At a point, I thought I was not cut out for marriage because I had experimented and it didn’t work. Then she came and  I looked at it and was like, Hmm half-caste. Will I be able to take care of her?

But I want to give it to her, Hannah Marsh. You are God sent. She came into my life and gave me beautiful kids and God has used her to bless me.

My wife is a very domesticated lady. She is a family person. She loves the home. We are blessed with two kids. Our first child is just 14 years. She is almost out of secondary school, I don’t know how she will cope when she gets to a higher institution because they are so attached. She takes them to school in Ibadan, then go and pick them later in the day unless I’m around. Honestly, I don’t know how best to describe her. 

I have never met anybody like my wife. She is just too industrious and good in home economics. I will amuse you, that my wife washes her car. She does lots of things. I don’t want to give her some weird names. She is just something else. She is the reason I can sit down today and say I’m a good family man, even when the challenges are there. I just pray, we will be able to realise all the things we have sketched out to make the family the way we want it, and I pray I have the energy and time to really make her happy.

I wanted to marry from the industry because of what I saw Olu Jacobs and Joke Silver were doing. Since I have tried outside my industry and it didn’t work, so I wanted someone who would understand everything, so we met on location, became friends, then my marriage crumbled. Then I was like let me be friend with her, but where would I get money to take care of a half cast? But somehow I realised she was just different in everything. Please thank her for me abeg.



  1. Eloka unigwe

    April 8, 2020 at 11:28 am

    Precious waman are few pls hold well and takes care of her

  2. Oladoke, Paul Olufemi

    April 8, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    Hun! Yemi Solade, well I thank God for him and the wife he married but that man hurt me in the matter of my jeep, Honda Passport that he said he wanted to buy and was released to him. It took the mighty intervention of God to retrieve my car.

  3. Yemi Solade

    April 9, 2020 at 2:42 am

    GOD punish you for the caption. Animal

  4. Anonymous

    April 9, 2020 at 6:54 am

    Your wife is a military product… We represent everywhere…

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