Fake it till you make it! The Kenyan Lady who photoshopped her way to China gets to actually go there :)

seve gats 3 

Remember the lady who loves to travel around the world via photoshop?

Her name is Sevelyn Gats and she likes travelling a lot and meeting new people, including celebs and politicians.

seve gats 2

For her latest adventure, she photoshopped herself from Kenya all the way to China!


And now, it turns out that her dream will come true after all!

Sam Gichuru is one of Seve’s admirers. He shared a Facebook post to show it. 

He was so impressed with her gumption that he began searching for a way to get her real tickets to China!

Unable to afford the money for Seve’s ticket to China, Sam
cajoled his friends into donating money and flyer miles for her trip.

He said,

“I wished I could buy you a ticket, but I can’t afford it, the good news is I have friends, many friends…

So, I have harassed all my friends, so much, I think I have lost half of
them, but they are amazing people. I’m collecting frequent flyer miles
and commitments.

If you were serious, I mean really serious, I have good news for you,
get your passport ready because your dreams are about to come true.

Hope this Facebook post finds you. Get in touch.” 

Seve did get in touch, and the rest they say is history.

and other benefactors raised enough in cash and kind for Seve’s trip to
China, including accommodation (4star), travel insurance and pocket
money and a visit to the Kenyan embassy in Beijing to meet the Kenyan
Ambassador to China (they’re working on making that happen).

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