Wizkid, Olamide and other celebrities accused of doing rituals and ‘jazz’

celebrities accused of doing rituals

Wizkid, Olamide and other celebrities accused of doing rituals and ‘jazz’: As a Nigerian, you are familiar with jazz/juju whether you believe in it or not because there are so many stories about it. The entertainment sector is another one that frequently faces accusations of engaging in cults, rituals, jazz, etc.

Here are celebrities who have been accused of practicing jazz or engaging in rituals by other celebrities.

Let’s get started without further ado!


A video of Wizkid’s record label signing Alo Innas appeared on his twitter in 2017. Soon after, they had an amicable breakup. Alo Innas allegedly accused Wizkid of maintaining a shrine in his home during a radio appearance and claimed that he consults oracles before signing any new musician.

The allegation was further fueled by a tweet that Wizkid himself made concerning Alo Innas where he tweeted: “Alo Innas could not take risks”.

Even though Wizkid has not directly verified it, many people believed this tweet to be a reference to the temple and oracle.


celebrities accused of doing rituals

Olamide, a well-known Nigerian singer, is another prominent artist who was charged with performing rituals by a different celebrity. Olamide was accused of visiting ritualists by controversial Nigerian blogger and journalist Kemi Olunloyo during an interview with Pulse. During her appearance on the program, she remarked:

Olamide I’m looking at you at Pulse TV. Have you ever been to a ritualist? Answer the question. We both know the answer. It’s not controversial. For me to say stuff like that out, on the internet, I can stand in front of Mushin and say it. No one is going to touch me, I’m serious. They know me in Oshodi.


A fellow musician, Harrysong, accused Nigerian musician Skiibii of entering a cult earlier this year. In a Frankly Speaking episode, Harrysong said that Skiibii insulted him and his wife because Skiibii had grown bolder since joining a cult and using juju. During the interview, he said:

Skiibii insulted me and my wife where I carry am go my wedding for Warri. He insulted me and my wife, say because he don join cult and him dey do juju. And people dey see them as my friend oh.

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