Netflix Movie Review: ‘Òlòturé’ not for the faint hearted

Netflix movie, Òlòturé written by Craig Freimond and Yinka Ogun, directed by Kenneth Gyang is indeed not for the lily livered.

Why? Well, not many people will be able to stomach the ugly, traumatic and unflinching reminder of how in many places across the world, women are simply seen as objects to use, trample upon and quickly dispose.

The film which portrays how sex workers are recruited, tortured, exploited and further sent to slavery overseas is one of it’s kind.

Òlòturé tells the story of Sharon Ooja (as Òlòturé); she’s an undercover journalist working to expose the inner workings of the world of human trafficking and just how high up the industry’s corruption goes. She is supported by her boss, Emeka (Blossom Chukwujekwu)

In the process, Òlòturé meets a tough madam (Alero, played by Omoni Oboli) who is in charge of the big league clients and now traffics girls to prostitute overseas.

In the quest to get her full story, will Òlòturé survive the cruel prostitute world?

The story is deep, intense, the truth stares you in the face – he fact that in most cases, there is no happy ending

The movie is quite star studded as it boosts of talented acts like, Segun Arinze, Omoni Oboli, Patrick Doyle, Omawumi, Ikechukwu, Omowumi Dada and lots others.

Hold your heart tight before viewing this movie but it’s worth it after all.

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