Woman whose intestines got damaged by a doctor during her search for a child dies

Remember Victoria Isaac? The 29-years old woman who in a bid to get pregnant after 5 years of barrenness got her situation worsened after her intestines, Fallopian tubes and other organs were allegedly damaged by a medical doctor.

According to DailyTrust, the woman’s husband, Aondovihi Isaac, said she died on Sunday January 28th around 4:00a.m. at the Maitama District Hospital, Abuja.

Her husband who is a farmer and student, had taken his wife, Victoria, to see the doctor for medical assistance following their inability to have a child since they got married in 2012. Isaac and Victoria went to see the owner of Niquad clinic in Abuja.

According to Isaac, the doctor, later identified as Dr. Aqson Warigon, asked them to go for a scan and when they brought the result to him, he told them Victoria had ovarian cyst at the left side and required surgery.

“He asked us to come back on the 7th of August 2017. He requested for N50,000 for the operation. He later reduced N5,000 after I begged him. The operation was done on the 7th, and he discharged my wife on the 9th after I paid the money,” Isaac said.

However, Victoria could not excrete two days after leaving the hospital and they went back to the hospital on Friday 11th where the doctor placed her on some drugs, he said.

“Immediately after giving her the drug that evening at home, her breathing became fast and her body became weak, so I called the doctor and he asked that she be brought back to the cliniche said

Isaac said the doctor then referred them to the Maitama District Hospital, Abuja where another surgery was done after several scans. At the Maitama hospital, the doctor there told him that the previous doctor they met had damaged Victoria’s intestine and used some objects to tie the intestines up.

“They asked me to come with them into the theatre to witness what happened. They showed me what was done to my wife’s intestines by the previous doctor,” he said.

According to him, three surgeries were performed on Victoria at the Maitama hospital. After the third one, the doctor said that where Dr. Warigon damaged had been corrected “but that they have to bring out the intestine so that whatever she eats will come out through the place the intestine was before,” he said.

Isaac said her intestine was still outside her body over a month after the correctional surgery and that whatever she ate, drained away almost immediately.

Husband of the deceased filed a petition to the Commissioner of Police, through his my lawyer, Barrister Hameed Jimoh, and the CP referred them to Maitama Area Command and the doctor was invited. At the police station, Dr. Warigon denied removing Victoria’s intestine, stressing that as a general surgeon, he did what was best for his patient.

However, investigation into the matter was suspended when on November 1st last year, the accused doctor passed on. Police officers say they are currently confused as to who they will be investigating as both the accused and the victim are currently dead.

Mr Isaac says he is at a crossroad as to whether he should continue with the case or drop it since his wife is dead. Meanwhile, efforts are being made to transport the body of the deceased to Benue state for burial.


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