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“You people are not ready for commitment” – Real Warripikin blasts single men in Abuja

Single men in Abuja have been shaking in their boots, ever since Real Warripikin’s disapproving gaze fell on them.

The popular comedian expressed her ire about the state of romantic relationships in Nigeria. According to Real Warripikin, she had gotten reports that single men in Abuja are on a mission to break innocent hearts.

She said that Abuja men meet a stable lady who has her life on track, but decide to just waste her time, instead of working towards marriage.

According to Real Warripikin, there are several decent ladies in Abuja who are ready to get married, but the men are not ready.

She claimed that most of them break up with those girls, using the popular phrase “It’s not you, it’s me”.

Real Warripikin urged Abuja men to level up their game and get married, citing that they have been in the ‘streets’ for too long.

Also, she didn’t miss the opportunity to throw jabs at them, when she said that while they’re not ready to get married, it is easy for them to sleep with the girls they’re dating, without fully committing to the relationship.

To further drive home her point, Real Warripikin said that she found love in Abuja, and she has been married to her husband for eleven years.

Recall that not too long ago, Real Warripikin celebrated her eleventh year anniversary with her husband Ikechukwu.

Real Warripikin has always been outspoken on social media, and shares a lot of details about her life online.

When she got her body done, Real Warripikin walked her online family through the process, and this gained her a lot of traction on social media.

Although she got positive comments about her weight loss surgery, some trolls still managed to sneak in some negativity, calling her out on her appearance.

It got so bad that on-air personality Toolz had to come to Real Warripikin’s aide, when she released a statement, defending her online.

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