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How to make your rental feel like home right away

How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home Right Away

It is so comfortable when you make your rented apartment feel like home…

Are you living in a rented apartment? You’ll undoubtedly want to make it look like your own! Here are some of our finest recommendations for making it feel like yours as soon as possible.

1. Vegetables

Bringing in a lot of plants is the quickest method to make a rental feel like your own home. Adding some greenery to your rental home will brighten it up, and plants have the added benefit of eliminating toxins from the air.

Plants not only look wonderful, but they also improve the air quality in your home! Switch out those boring white pots for interesting, colorful alternatives to give a flash of color to any room for an extra touch of individuality.

2. Clothes

Many rentals include large, unsightly blinds. Make it yours by keeping them somewhere and replacing them with your own. A bright, inviting set of curtains can transform a room and keep the heat in during those long winter nights.

Soft furnishings such as blankets, cushions, and rugs may also help to make any place feel more welcoming, and it is simple to create a coherent theme by gathering items in similar color schemes to put your own stamp on the room.

3. Use paint

Many rental houses will allow you to paint the walls as long as everything is returned to its original color when you leave. With a few coats of paint, you can quickly transform any area, whether it’s a strong statement wall or a subtle pastel.

Ask your landlord’s permission before painting anything, but if they don’t, consider painting some of your furniture for a similar look.

If painting isn’t your thing, consider some stick-on tiles, which can be found for a reasonable price at Target and are simple to install. When you’re ready to leave, simply peel them off and you’re done!

How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home Right Away

4. Insurance

When renting, one of the most important factors to consider is the sort of insurance to obtain. If you’re renting, get renters insurance to protect your stuff. If you rent out your house to tenants, it’s wise to invest in good landlord insurance.

What is landlord insurance supposed to cover?

  • Dwelling Protection

Landlord insurance protects your home and any structures on your lands, such as sheds and garages. It takes into account the expense of repairing or rebuilding.

  • Property Detriment

Purchasing landlord insurance protects you against any damage to your personal property, such as theft, fire, or burst pipes.

  • Uselessness

This policy provides interim rental compensation if your property is rendered unlivable as a result of a fire. If tenants are unable to rent your property due to repairs, landlord insurance will cover the financial loss you will incur during this time.

  • Liability Insurance

This will shield you from any potential liability claims or litigation for which you may be held liable as a homeowner. This section of the policy covers any potential injury for which you might be liable as a landlord, including legal fees and medical bills.

  • Other types of property damage

Assume you have a leaking pipe that causes damage to a neighbor’s property; landlord insurance may be able to cover the expense of this as well.

5. Illumination

Overhead lighting is a simple method to make your home appear drab and unappealing. Cozy lamps, candles, and floor lamps will add warmth to your home. Mirrors can be used to bring in natural light and brighten up your rental space by reflecting it.

6. Furniture

Bringing your own furnishings into a rental is the finest way to immediately feel at home. Cozy up in that armchair you’ve had in your previous five apartments, and any space will begin to seem like home.

Alternatively, selecting and purchasing furniture specifically for your new home allows you to put your stamp on the space and bring your individuality in from the start, whether you will be resting, hanging out with friends, or watching the Grammys or other famous events on TV.

7. Artworks

Artwork is a certain way to inject your personality into any rental property. Although most rental homes do not permit the use of nails and hammers, consider hanging frames and photos with command hooks or a creative patterned washi tape.

Alternatively, if your landlord is tight about it, propping up art on surfaces or even larger pieces on the floor can still contribute to the vibes you’re after.

Add a few of these, and your new abode will feel like home in no time!

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