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How Bobrisky cut off his manh**d, his love story with Tonto Dikeh and the other times he lied to the world


Popular Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye Olorunwaju also known as Bobrisky has become a household name.

How he rose from being unknown to a social media sensation without having any specific talent beats some people till today.

The controversial Yoruba born bleaching expert and influencer has raised up untrue topics (lied) about himself several times to the world just to keep being in the news.

Kemi Filani News brings to you, the times Bobrisky lied to the world.

His Love story with Tonto Dikeh

Bobrisky has in several occasions professed his love for popular actress, Tonto Dikeh. In fact, the duo have been spotted in odd and compromising positions showing PDA. If they are not kissing at parties today, Tonto is fondling Bob’s fake b00bs tomorrow, or they are calling themselves sweet names on social media. Well, it will shock you to know that the two are just friends and they have nothing together, asides being “best friends”. Tonto Dikeh revealed this in an interview with music executive, Ubi Franklin, where she opened up on Bobrisky being her best friend.

He Cut off his manhood

Bobrisky has insinuated and literally claimed that he has cut off his manhood to complete his transition process into a woman. Well, Kemi Filani News can authoritatively tell you that if Bobrisky is given an opportunity with a woman, he will impregnate her without delays (lol). Bobrisky’s manhood is intact, he only drags it behind in order to portray a perfect picture of the woman he is trying to become.

Bob Wings

The recent controversy that rocked the “Oshey Baddest” Bobrisky is his involvement in a business deal with one of his friends that went south. Initially, Bobrisky claimed ownership of the business and allegedly embezzled sunds from the business. However, the real owner of the business cried out online, dragging him on the ‘streets of Instagram’ for not keeping to his side of the bargain as a brand ambassador. Bobrisky came out to debunk the story and claim it was a partnership. He later opened up in an Interview with Ubi Franklin on Instagram live that his part was just to promote the products and made sure it was sold out.

Plastic Surgery

Bobrisky has lied to the world several times about going under the knife. He even shared a bloody video one time, calling on Nigerians to pray for him. Well, he has been exposed of using butt pads and never going under the knife after the pad shifted due to inappropriate positioning.

“I was Never arrested”

Bobrisky has been busted several times for claiming he was never arrested. News of his arrests always hit the net, but the Muslim born transgender always came online to rubbish the claim. Well photos of him been in police custody always follow up his denial. Or do people hate him that much to photoshop such photos? LOL

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