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Ex-boyfriend of customs boss’ new wife demands N9 million as compensation

Zubairu Dalhati Malamai has demanded the sum of N9 million as compensation from the Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service, Hameed Ali, who got married to his ex-girlfriend.

Malamai stated that he and his ex-girlfriend Zainab Yahaya dated for three years with the intention of getting married.

He stated that during the period, he had spent the sum of N9 million on Zainab.

The letter read in part:

“a. The sum of N2,778,207 only being the sum for travel tickets for KSA on 20th March to 5th April 2018, UAE on 17th February to 27th February 2019, PRC April 2019, UAE on 13th June to 19th June, 2019, UAE on 5th July to 10th July 2019, UAE on 30 September to 13th October 2019, UK on 18th January to 23rd January 2020, UAE on 24th January to 25th January 2020.

“b. N1.5m loan for your investment,

“c. N200,000 only paid for you on behalf of Dan Tsanyawa.

“d. N450,000 only for clothing business at US.

“e. N280,000 only for shop rent at Haneefa Plaza on Court Road.

“f. N350,000 only you borrowed to give your father.

“g. N350,000 only house rent refund.

“h. N300,000 only you collected as loan which you paid for your vails.

“l. N360,000 only for your China trip.

“j. N500,000 only you collected for your car purchase.

“k. N250,000 only for all chinchin investment.”

Other things demanded to be returned made by the lawyer on behalf of the ex-boyfriend to the NCS boss’ new wife, includes; “N1, 763,000 only for LEFE clothes, six Abayas which you took out of the 12 Abayas that were sewed.”

Hameed Ali and wife Zainab Yahaya
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