The Ice Prince versus Girlfriend drama gets complicated (New photos)

 This drama started a few days ago, when rapper Iceprince and his bae, Maima took to their social media pages to gush about the love they for each
other. Before the twinkle of an eye, some fans began to allege that Maima was a cheat. According to them, Maima had been keeping warm in another man’s arms – Abuja
big boy named Akin. The story went viral and Iceprince himself took to
his Twitter to defend his girlfriend yesterday (HERE).
Sadly, it turns out that the allegations against Maima are true!

 The Abuja big boy who Maima allegedly cheated on Iceprince
with,  has now posted revealing photos of himself with Maima
enjoying a recent vacation in Paris.

He’s probably trying to pass a message to Iceprince that he
isn’t trying to break him up with his girl, they have actually been

Interestingly, Ice Prince has replied. He posted this on twitter minutes ago…

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