Feb and Laurie Idahosa mark 15th wedding anniversary with beautiful photos

Feb and Laurie Idahosa
Bishop Feb Idahosa presides over the
Church of God Mission International and also doubles as President,
Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. 

He is married to the school’s
Director of Campus Life, Reverend Laurie Idahosa who is an American and today marks their 15th wedding anniversary!
Gushing about her man, Laurie writesI married the sexiest, most romantic man who knows how to make every part of my body and soul catch fire. 
 You have taught me what true love really is… For the last 15 years, I have proudly carried your name as a badge of honor. ~ October 18th will always be the date that my world became a new and a better place. ~ I wouldn’t trade the joy, the pain, the thrilling moments or the low ones for any other experience. You are my love, my life, my everything. ~ I am not just your lover. I am your best student. The biggest lesson you have taught me, in our first 15 years of covenant, is how to manage my emotional response when things don’t go according to plan.
15 years ago
 You are level headed, never angry, cool, peaceful, objective and most of all… you forgive. I have watched you forgive people whom I felt didn’t deserve it. It would make me so frustrated when you restore them and cover them, despite their wrongs. I didn’t understand this until one day when I needed forgiveness from you. You had every right to throw the book at me, but, you embraced me, covered me and forgave me from your heart. Your forgiving nature still baffles me and has inspired me to model my responses after you. ~ Your love has humbled me. Your love has transformed me. ~ Thank you for being the world’s best example of Ephesians 5. Thank you for loving me, like Christ Jesus loves the Church. ~ Happy 15th Anniversary to the man who personifies love”
In a recent interview with Punch newspaper, Feb when asked to talk about the secret of their successful happy marriage said thus:

I don’t know if there are any secrets to
having a good marriage besides making a binding commitment that you are
in this thing for life and that no matter what happens, you will stay
in the marriage to work it out.  Like every marriage, we have had our
ups and downs, but with the help of God and a remembrance of our
commitment never to leave each other, we have stayed together.  Every
marriage has its issues, so I encourage people not to envy another
couple; whether you see them on TV, on Sundays only, or on social
media.  Commit yourself to learning about your partner and making your
union work.
For men, be willing to give and give. 
Give your time, give your money, give love, and give up your pride.  I
once read the following statement: ‘‘When you’re wrong, say I’m sorry;
when you’re right, say nothing.’’
On how they overcame childlessness, he said Those years were tough from the Nigerian
angle where people begin to count the months from the minute the pastor
pronounces you man and wife.  If you are  delivered of a child before
nine months, you’re in trouble.  If you are  delivered of a child after
nine months, you’re also in trouble.  My wife puts it best when she says
that in the Nigerian culture, a woman is expected to deliver a child
immediately after marriage in order to prove her womanhood.
For us, after the first year or two with
no children, people began to whisper here and there about all kinds of
things.  We then spoke to a fertility specialist doctor who told us that
between my wife and I, we were 99.9 per cent  infertile and would not
have children without medical intervention.  Five failed IVF cycles
later, we still had no child, but we had faith that we would have
children.  Forty-eight years ago, my father and mother had been told
that they also would not be able to have children due to fertility
issues, but I stand here today as a testimony that God gave them
children, and that was why I believed that we  would also be able to
have children.  The process we went through from that time to now is
enough to write a book on, and in the next year or two, we will. 
However, the testimony is that God gave us three sons naturally outside
of  medical interventions.  I would like to encourage anyone who has the
same issue to trust God and be patient. The same God that did it for
us, will do it for you.  He can work with IVF or other medical
procedures, or do it miraculously; just know that He will do it for you.”
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