Actress, Liz Da Silva reportedly in paternity mess as ex-lover wants identity of her son’s father….

According to a report by Urban life online, these are definitely not
the laughing times for popular Yoruba actress, Liz Da Silva as her 3
year old son,  Abdulroheem Olasunkanmi, is in a paternity mess.

Read the report below:

Liz and her baby father, Yemi Olaoye, are reportedly now at loggerheads after she recently confessed that the boy, born on June 16,2013, is not his child.

If you recall, Liz DaSilva was one of the many movies babes linked to a popular NURTW boss, based in Oshodi.

In the course of the rumoured, d’alliance she became pregnant and speculations went rife that the socialite must be responsible for her protruding tommy.

No sooner than she put to bed, a young dude,Yemi Olaoye, came to the scene, claimed the baby and the insinuations of the baby being owned by the NURTW boss fizzled out.

It was Yemi that named the baby Abdulroheem Olasunkanmi,with a lavish
christening, at the their Surulere home. 

He went on to spoil Liz and the tiny-tot silly, with all deluxe things of life .

We gathered, that while all these were going on, Yemi,who is married literally abandoned his legal wife Zainab, who at that time had a
daughter for him.

Yemi, who is said to be into oil and gas, allegedly shifted all
attention to the new bride Liz, and her son.  Despite flaks from Yemi’s
family members, the love struck dude stood by Liz and the baby,to the
extent that his marriage to Zainab almost crashed.

Their love affairs blossomed that 2 years ago Liz converted to Islam because of Yemi and she became Aishat Olaoye. However not long ago, it was like wool feel from Yemi’s eyes,about
the time his legal wife, Zainab delivered a baby boy in America.

became so gladdened that he started withdrawing from Liz and her child. He
suddenly cut all his financial support to Liz and Roheem, including not
paying the house rent, while he crept back to the forgiving arms of his wife Zainab.

The situation, we learnt got so bad for the Liz that she had to be forced out of the Surulere apartment for
an apartment in remote Arepo, Ogun state. We further gathered that Liz
must have gone back to resume her hibernating romance with the NURTW topshot, whom was said to have paid for the new place.

We heard immediately she settled down in the new place, the twist on the paternity of her son
came up. Liz was said to have confessed to Yemi that he is not the real
father of Roheem,and that she is sorry to have kept the secret away from him.

The revelations we heard jolted Yemi, who became curious and immediately demanded for a DNA test to ascertain the true paternity of the child. A request insider divulged Liz vehemently declined till this moment despite the pressure from Yemi.

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