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“Why is it so hard for people to reason well” Yul Edochie poses an important question as he preaches on love

Yul Edochie questions

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has thrown a question at his millions of fans and followers.

In a post on his Instagram page, Yul questioned why it is hard for people to reason well.

He questioned how many people have to die, before realizing that life is temporary.

Yul noted how we all are just passing through this world as none of us owns it nor would we be here forever.

“So much anger, so much hate and envy in the world.
S much struggle for material things.
Why is it so hard for people to reason well?
How many people have to die before we realize that this life is temporary?
None of us owns the world. We’re just passing through. None of us will be here forever. Let’s kill hate with love”.

Yul Edochie preaches on love

Be kind to rude people – Eniola Badmus preaches on love

Just days back, actress, Eniola Badmus shared a message on the importance of spreading love.

Taking to her Instagram page, Eniola listed out the various ways we can spread love to others.

She advised her fans to help the less fortunate, volunteer at a charity, say kind words to people, and give to a good cause.

Eniola added that we should give to a good cause, be kind even to rude people, give lunch or packages, be a good listener, and encourage someone through their tough time.

“The only way we can spread love.

Help the less fortunate,
Volunteer at a charity,
Say kind words to the people you meet.
Give to a good cause.
Be kind even to rude people.
Give lunch or care packages to a homeless person.

Smile more often
Be a good listener to someone
Encourage someone who is going through a tough time”.

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