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‘You’re all sinners, you’ve all sinned’ – Jay Ayamey to Nigerians mocking her for mourning Queen Elizabeth 

UK born Nigerian Afro Rap star Jay Ayamey, has lamented at the rate at which Nigerians lash out at her for mourning the late Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II.

The self styled masked Afro rapper had made a video to bid the Queen farewell but unfortunately started getting negative comments by some fans. 

She captioned the post, “Rest in Peace to the longest reigning British Monarch , Queen Elizabeth II. I am soo greatful to have had you as my Queen as you have truly inspired me with your great service in the World War II, the stability you brought to our country, your guidance of the transformation to commonwealth and your support of racial justice in the commonwealth. You are truly worthy of the Queen status. My condolences to the Royal Family, the Queen has been a tragic loss to all of us, so I cannot imagine your pain. Long Rest The Queen.”  

Ayamey has however addressed the attack against her by fellow Nigerians attacking her due to her warnings against mockery over the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

She shared a video via her social media saying “I’m sick and tired of Nigerians attacking me because I said the queen should Rest In Peace, it doesn’t make any sense. I’m seeing some comments saying I should follow the Queen, I should die and so on. Thinking it’s gonna affect me or something, it’s not doing nothing. My point still stand, the queen shout Rest In Peace.

“You are all sinners, you’ve all sinned. So because you’ve sinned now we should disrespect or mock your death? No! I’m human and I still stand by it, she’s human and she deserves to Rest In Peace. Guys be careful what you wish for and practice being kind to others.

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