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Yomi Fabiyi recalls how a 2016 article put a dent on his relationship with Baba Suwe

Actor Yomi Fabiyi has shared the screenshot from a 2016 article which almost put a dent on the relationship between him and legendary comic actor, Baba Suwe.

The article shows Baba Suwe stating that the public should ignore a narrative from Yomi Fabiyi about his ordeal with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA. Yomi Fabiyi had claimed a long pipe was inserted into the comic actors anus which was a torture to him while in NDLEA custody.

Well, all seems well between both actors now with Yomi Fabiyi being there for Baba Suwe when he fell sick and had to seek help in order for him to get treated in America.

Speaking about the damage the article did to his mentality, Yomi Fabiyi wrote:

THROW BACK 2016: What my late mum told me then still rings bell. She said only God sees how pure your heart is towards Baba Suwe and your colleagues. Do not say anything. Avoid the matter, God will come through. 
My mother died a year after. For 2years, SOCIAL MEDIA and critics damaged my name, my reputation just because I wantd to help. 
People forget so quickly. Despite all, I never turned my back on him or go rude. He was once there for me. How many of my colleagues celebrated him on his birthdays? how many people visited him? How many call him for job so he can feed?

Do you mean when these people now post him (God forbid) if anything happen it justify love or Godliness? You are a FOOL if you measure people’s LOVE when som1 MERRY only. 
Critics forgot so quickly that despite all media negatives and attacks then I never slander Baba Suwe or write a quote to denegrade him. And when the call came again, did I hesitate? I CAN’T SUDDENLY CHANGE TO A MEAN OR BAD PERSON. WHY PLAY THIS HYPOCRITE CARD TO AIDE AN UNREPENTANT EVIL? That is where MORALITY should focus on.

No mortal can rub dirty sins on me with bias proverbs, YOU ARE NOT MY GOD. If you are my mother, how will you feel reading the headlines? They are always waiting for my story to drop on instablog so they can feast on the comment section, ignite FAKE HATE PARTY with evil accounts and groomed followers. 
My sins are that I have guts and they think I do most for fame, fans love and followers, my posts are also problems. If your background stinks not mine. I was raised with duty of care. I never chase fame or wealth. I speak duty of care, human rights & try to do good movies.

Baba Suwe is in SADAAT., a key selling point but I cleverly avoided that before they claim I am using him to profit. We shot the movie when his sickness was at it’s peak. Some cast & crew were crying offset. I only insisted on casting him out of love & he also wanted.

“I apologize to my honest fans and colleagues if some of my decisions look absurd and mean, I don’t REGRET any. Some of my scars are still healng. Thank God no depression, suicide or serious trouble before I am VINDICATED. God is in CHARGE. E YE SE IKA MO

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