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BBNaija Season 7: Vee Iye, Jackie B react to Sheggz’s poor treatment of Bella

Bella and Sheggz

Big Brother Naija reality stars, Jackie Bent and Vee Iye have reacted to the poor treatment of Bella by her boyfriend and co-housemate, Sheggz.

Since they met on the reality show, Bella and Sheggz had struck a relationship that was the envy of many.

However, the dominating personality of Sheggz had left many questioning their relationship.

Sheggz at the slightest provocation would lash out at Bella both privately and publicly. The Lagos big boy has on several occasion hurled insults on her.

Last night, Bella and Sheggz had a deep conversation about the fate of their relationship.

The two went into the toilet where they argued over his feelings for his ex.

Bella had asked Sheggz if he was going back to his ex and he said yes, which pissed Bella.

Bella noted how Sheggz always threatens to break up with her and go back to his ex.

Bella, who was fed up with his behavior, poured her out to him.

Bella almost called things quit with him, but Sheggz apologised for his behavior.

Sheggz: You’re too rude, you ask stupid questions and you deserve stupid answers….. I love you

This didn’t sit well with many viewers of the show as they called out his toxicity.

Vee Iye and Jackie Bent pitched tent with Bella as they demanded she cut ties with him.

Vee Iye: “Dearie, open the door. Kayode, please put the camera on the bathroom. I’m not hearing Bella’s voice in the living room yet. I’m getting stressed out abeg. Stand up IJN. Nah I’m irritated. I’m going to bed”.

Jackie Bent: “Leave her alone!!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, Sheggz’s voilent behavior was a thing of concern for his colleagues as they were captured discussing his misbehavior.

Allyson and Doyin were spotted in their room talking about him and how he flips easily.

According to Doyin, Sheggz was seen shouting and hitting the wall with his sneakers in the heat of anger over Bella’s recent attitude towards him.

Bella and Sheggz got into a nasty fight after he slammed her for disobeying him.The self acclaimed big boy of Lagos expressed his annoyance over Bella’s failure to follow his instructions.

The lovebirds got into a fight over food. Bella wanted to eat something which Sheggz didn’t want her to.Sheggz told her to keep it for the next day, but Bella, went ahead to open the food and eat.

Her excise was that she doesn’t know of she would have the appetite for it the next day.

This didn’t sit well with Sheggz as he felt she disrespected him.

He lashed out at her and reprimanded her for disobeying him.

Kemi Filani news also recalls Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up it couple, Bella had stirred mixed reactions online as she declared her undying love for her fellow housemate, Sheggz.

A video which made rounds online captured Bella discussing with another Level Up housemate, Doyin. During the conversation, Bella revealed how concentrated she was on all her tasks and promised to make amends by having a good relationship with other housemates.

Speaking on her love for Sheggz, Bella claimed she was satisfied with Sheggz’s love because the 100 million naira was not even guaranteed for her, stating she can’t hide her feelings anymore and even if it was this relationship she took out of this house, she will be fine

Fans who reacted to this development claimed Bella was unfair to her fans who wanted her to win the show, while some wished Sheggz would reciprocate her love

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