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”If you truly want to enjoy something, don’t put it on social media” – BBNaija’s Vee gives her two cents on the Sharon Ooja wedding drama

The tea on Sharon Ooja’s wedding just keeps getting hotter, and celebrators are chiming in with support or words of advise.

Vee Iye made a post on Twitter, talking about how if you truly want to enjoy something, you shouldn’t post it on social media.

While Vee Iye didn’t expressly mention Sharon Ooja’s name, all fingers point at her current situation.

Vee Iye comments on Sharon Ooja’s husband’s drama.

Sharon Ooja only revealed her husband’s identity when she got married traditionally, and that was when all hell broke loose.

Netizens were able to dig up some discomforting information about Sharon Ooja’s husband, which led many hopeless romantics to retract their ‘God when’ prayers from Sharon Ooja’s marriage.

Evidence of Sharon Ooja’s husband being married to two other women were brought to light, and the details aren’t pretty.

A timeline shows that he divorced his wives and moved on to the next within a short period of time, including Sharon Ooja.

The blushing bride hasn’t made any statement relating to the drama surrounding her marriage, and that only seems to be fanning the fire, as it has quickly become a daily topic of discourse online.

Reverting back to Vee Iye’s statement about keeping good things off social media, Sharon Ooja’s timeline was filled with well wishes when she was yet to reveal her husband’s identity.

Even though there were a few glitches with curious netizens insisting on learning about her husband’s identity, it still didn’t measure up to the drama going on now.

Prior to this whole situation, Sharon Ooja had a clean slate, at least in the public eye, as details of her personal life wasn’t known, and she wasn’t involved in any scandal.

The only semblance of drama attached to Sharon Ooja’s name was when she had a fall out with her friend Toke Makinwa, and it was rumored that it was over a man.

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