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Alleged infidelity: “Are you enjoying your side chick embarrass your wife” Uche Maduagwu quizzes Davido over his silence

Uche Maduagwu quizzes Davido

Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, who has never hidden his love for Chioma Rowland, has quizzed Davido on his silence over his infidelity scandal.

Kemi Filani reported that for over a week, Davido has been embroiled in an infidelity scandal, with two women allegedly pregnant for the singer.

The Afrobeats singer has stayed silent despite the series of allegations laid on him and the attack on his wife, Chioma.

Angered by this, Uche Maduagwu has slammed the singer for not defending his wife publicly.

He questioned if Davido enjoys seeing his side chicks embarrass Chioma daily.

Uche Maduagwu took a shit at him as he stated that his attitude is the reason why American singer, Beyonce didn’t feature him in her African Album.

“Jesus wept, so you are bold enough to show off New Diamond TEETH, but not bold enough to react to women who claim to get BELLE for U? Pride and Arrogance na the biggest spiritual problem that is difficult to solve. Now we know Why BEYONCE work with others in Naija on Her album but ignored U. Is it that you care less How these alleged BELLE stories dey embarrass my CHIOM CHIOM or you enjoying it?”.

Anita Brown shades Chioma

Recall that one of Davido’s alleged side chick, Anita Brown had thrown shade at his wife, Chioma Rowland.

While responding to trolls insinuating she wants to be the new Mrs. Adeleke, Anita Brown made them know that she isn’t thinking of settling down now.

She pointed out how she is only 29 and deserves to enjoy life to the fullest.

Shading Chioma, she questioned why she would get married and end up sitting in the house with a baby and getting cheated on.

Calling the trolls delusional, Anita Brown added that she isn’t a walking doormat like Chioma, as she has a hectic work schedule and lives a big lifestyle.

“I’m sorry in America we don’t think like that! No babe! I’m 29 I don’t wanna be married weirdo! The fuck! I’m young and I’m lit and I’m paid & want to achieve so much more! Married for what? So I can sit in the house with a baby and get cheated on. Y’all are delusional.

No babes. I’m not a walking doormat. When I go to my other home in Miami I drive a Lamborghini. When I’m not working I go on two well vacations overseas. U can’t sit me down with a Birkin to sit in the house with. I’m From NY! We are the celebrities”.

Free Chioma, she is in an abusive relationship,” Anita Brown tells Davido, recounts their encounter in Dubai

In another series of posts on her Instagram story, she shared screenshots of past news that alleged that Davido was always beating Chioma and had chased her out of their Banana Island mansion.

Anita claimed that Davido is a woman beater, a liar, a manipulator, and a control freak.

Demanding he free Chioma, he claimed she is in an abusive relationship and has been physically and mentally abused by the singer.

Anita recounted how she met Chioma in 2017 at Nikki Beach in Dubai. At that time, Chioma was a side chick and had taken him away from his baby mother.

“It’s sad ’cause he’s really a woman beater for real. I should have already known since he’s a liar, manipulator, and control freak. FREE CHIOMA!!! FREE CHIOMA!!!
Out I’d that abusive relationship! Physically abusive and mentally abusive and he truly DOESN’T CARE.

How you beat up your “wife” well at the time girlfriend mercilessly over a so-called “side chick” that you really wanted to be main chick. DISGUSTING.

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