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Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa reveals how to get justice few days after crying for help

Sandra Iheuwa

Entrepreneur and baby mama of Ubi Franklin, Sandra Iheuwa, has revealed how to get justice a few days after she cried for help on social media.

The controversial drama queen took her Insta story to lament the country’s injustice rate and the way to get justice.

Sandra Iheuwa claimed justice could only be served through money, stating it stops a lot of nonsense.

She wrote: If you want to get justice in this country, just have money… it stops a lot of nonsense.

Kemi Filani recalls that Sandra Iheuwa cried for help over the dangers looming on her and her baby boy.

The mother of three revealed that she has been getting death threats and messages concerning her life and that of her son.

She begged Nigerians to keep her in prayers, revealing that she shared the news on social media in case anything happened to her or her son.

She wrote: If you truly love me on this app, now is the time that I need you all to pray for me because I and my son’s life is in danger. I keep getting messages that I and my son will die even if any one will wish me death what did my innocent son do to them ALL I NEED NOW IS YOUR PRAYERS Let me drop this here incase anything happens to me and/or my son

Kemi Filani also reported that Sandra Iheuwa pledged not to have children after her third child.

The mother of three made this declaration when she was heavily pregnant with her third child and while her first child, Bella, became a teenager.

She wrote, “It’s not easy raising kids by yourself o, but I’m grateful for my 13 yrs old Bella (Chai, She’s now a teenager o), my 7 yrs old Gabby, my 3 yrs old Ari Pumpkin and now my incoming newborn. I want to take them on vacation during the summer they are shouting Dubai but I’m thinking the United Kingdom there’s so much history there after watching “The Last Kingdom” and “Viking Valhalla” what country is for great summer vacation for kids?”

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