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“I had endless nights of tears and soaked pillow cases” Sandra Iheuwa recounts bitter sweet experience as she clocks 36

Sandra Iheuwa clocks a new age

Ubi Franklin’s babymama, Sandra Iheuwa is reflecting on her past triumph and ordeals as she celebrates her new age.

The mother of four clocks 36 today, May 2nd and has penned a touching birthday tribute to herself.

She stated that her previous birthdays have always been an ‘ordinary’ birthday for her but this year is double as God gave her a son, which has always been her heart desire.

Sandra Iheuwa noted how the lies, tears, hurt, disrespect, wickedness, betrayal etc that she thought would break her, only brought her strength.

Sandra Iheuwa reflected on the endless nights of tears, soaked pillow cases, heart ache betrayals, hatred and more which she received.

She appreciated God for crowning all her tears with her bundle of joy.

Her post reads, “The 2nd of May, a very special day for me. For years it has always been a birthdate to me but this year it’s more than a birthday. It’s a double blessing for me,a rebirth for me and a day to also celebrate & share the birth of my first son. Words cannot describe how I feel and the past has not been a smooth ride, I have been through a lot.

The lies, tears, hurt, disrespect, wickedness, betrayals, everything I thought would break me brought me strength. Is it the endless nights of tears, soaked pillow cases, heart ache? Where I have loyalty and hot betrayal, where I gave love and got hatred, where I gave support and got neglect. In all, I thank God for every moment, every second, every hurt, and every tears. Because all that did was to train me and condition me for what’s ahead.

A brand new beginning, a continued journey from a pit stop malfunction. As an imperfect human living in a near perfect world created by a perfect creator. In this near perfect world, God gave me the perfect birthday; “My Baby Boy” my first boy, my rock, a big brother to my little girls. All I want to say is i am so excited to share this news with you all and day a massive thank you to God Almighty and to all my true friends who stood by me. To my family, I want to say thank you all for the raw love and support, I love you all! I’m so proud to be a mother to a baby boy, they say boys are a handful, well seems like I got a documentary to make. it’s not been easy 9 months but my baby boy made it all worth it. Happy birthday and congratulations to me”.

Sandra Iheuwa clocks a new age
Sandra Iheuwa clocks a new age
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