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“I could never be Jesus even if I tried” Tonto Dikeh speaks on her imperfections



Tonto Dikeh says she can never be Jesus

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has spoken out on her imperfections.

The mum of one, via her Instagram page, noted how she can never be Jesus even if she tried.

She admitted that she isn’t perfect and doesn’t claim to be one while adding that she is just the girl growing and glowing.

“I am not perfect. I don’t claim to be. I could never be Jesus even if I tried. I am just a girl growing, glowing. I am just a girl growing, glowing. Happy Living and just God’s radical baby”.

Tonto Dikeh says she can never be Jesus

Tonto Dikeh faults religious critics over her raunchy outfit

This is coming just days after Tonto Dikeh traded words with a religious critic over her outfit.

The actress, who became a Christian some years back stirred reactions with her latest outfit, which contradicts her Christian faith.

Tonto shared a video of her in a raunchy outfit, which showed off her derriere.

A religious critic who wasn’t pleased with her choice of outfit criticized the movie star.

He questioned if the mother of one had backslid as he noted how she once denounced dressing sexually.

“I thought you said you don’t wear clothes like this? Miss radical for Jesus, you’ve gone back to the world”.

Replying him, Tonto asserted that she doesn’t expose her body.

“Yes Assistant Jesus, I don’t expose my body!!”.

Tonto Dikeh reveals she doesn’t give second chances

In a post, Tonto had given a PSA to her inner circles on how she doesn’t second chances when their friendship/relationship fails.

The actress who has become fond of airing out some of her random thoughts stated that she isn’t Jesus Christ who gives people more chances after they betray or disappoint her.

Tonto Dikeh made it known that she is very good at doing away with people.

Tonto doesn’t care how much of a great person you are, once she senses you are around her to dampen her spirit, she dumps you.

Tonto Dikeh said, “I am very good with doing away with people. I don’t care how much of a great person you are once I sense you are here to dampen my spirit I simply throw you away, I have no regrets, at the end of the day am Looking out for myself. I never give a 2nd chance cause behind closed doors I must have given you more chances than you deserve…”.