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I am not Jesus that gives people second chances”, Tonto Dikeh



Tonto Dikeh doesn't give second chances

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has indirectly given a PSA to her inner circles on how she doesn’t second chances when their friendship/relationship fails.

The actress who has become fond of airing out some of random thoughts stated that she isn’t Jesus Christ who gives people more chances after they betray or disappoint her.

Tonto Dikeh made it known that she is very good with doing away with people.

Tonto doesn’t care how much of a great person you are, once she senses you are around her to dampen her spirit, she dumps you.

Tonto Dikeh said, “I am very good with doing away with people. I don’t care how much of a great person you are once I sense you are here to dampen my spirit I simple throw you away, I have no regrets, at the end of the day am Looking out for me. I never give a 2nd chance cause behind close doors I must have given you more chances than you deserve…”.

She added, “I am not Jesus, I don’t give 2nd chances, it’s always me against the world so I put me first, Never ever FUCK with my heir now that’s unforgivable, I AM NOT STUPID LOYALTY MOST BE REPAID, HURT MY HEIR WHEN YOU ARE PREPARED TO LOSE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE, I’ll do unforgettable things to everyone n everything you love or set your eyes on. I’ll make your life a living hell, you would look for death when I start with you!! ITS NOT A THREAT ITS A FACT and I AINT CALLED TALK N DO FOR NOTHING!!!”.

Kemi Filani news recalls Tonto Dikeh stated that she has no more room for people who are undeserving of her.

Tonto Dikeh who has been through a tough time last year, 2021 following the crash of her messy relationship with Delta politician, Prince Kpokpogri, vowed not to give love a chance anymore.

The actress who also had a tough time with friendship, shared a cryptic post, where she stated that she has stopped having room in her mind for people who are not worthy.

“There is no longer room in my mind for people who are not worthy of my heart”, she wrote.

Tonto Dikeh says she doesn't give second chances
Tonto Dikeh says she doesn't give second chances