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Solomon Buchi shares powerful advice with men who treat their wives better

Buchi who doesn’t mince words when dishing out relationship and marriage advice relayed to men that they will be dragged. and called names for treating thier wives well.

He tweeted: If you’re going to treat your wife well, be ready to be called “woman wrapper”, “simp”, or “finished man”. Just be ready. Many men dislike to see other men rest their wives better than they treat theirs.

Solomon Buchi drops his advice about baby mama trend

Kemi Filani News recalls that Buchi sahred his opinion to the ‘baby mama‘ trend rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Buchi who is known for his dishing out relationship advice from a Godly perspective took a swipe at celebrities who get pregnant or impregnate their partners before marriage.

According to Buchi, the act is a deliberate one by celebrities and it’s not the proper way… Simply put, “pregnancy before marriage is off”.

Without mentioning the names of any celebrity, Buchi noted that celebrities who indulge in such acts are highly loved; but he questioned how they are “shaping marriage to their followers who lack foundational moral values”.

Buchi who is also a writer noted that there was a time parents hid their children who get pregnant before marriage. However, the reverse is the case now.

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