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They are Satanists – Media personality Solomon Buchi reveals why people shouldn’t listen to songs by Beyonce, Cardi B, Nick Minaj and others

Solomon Buchi and satanists

Life coach and writer, Solomon Buchi who doesn’t mince words when dishing out his viewpoints has labelled popular singers in the world as Satanists.

According to Buchi, popular singers including, Beyoncé, Cardi B, Nick Minaj and others singers, sing songs that are filled with Satanism. He said they promote an overtly sensual and vainly lustrous perception of womanhood and mock the Bible as well.

Though admitting that these singers have trendy beat and irresistible melodies, Buchi insisted that they create songs that will make people masturbate in their minds away from spiritual alertness.

He then stressed that music is highly powerful as David in Bible played the harp and demons left Saul.

He wrote:

‘Christian, there are many famous musicians you must not listen to. Beyoncé is one of them, Cardi B, and others. Beyoncé’s music has occasional outbursts of profanity against the Bible. One of her lyrics reads: “I plugged my menses with pages from the holy book.” This is SATANISM.

‘Many of her songs illustrate impiety and promote symbols that represent spiritual murkiness. This might be considered slanderous to some of you that tenaciously stan her, however, as Christians, we don’t stan people because they are popular, we stan Godly representation.

‘She and her compeers promote an overtly sensual and vainly lustrous perception of womanhood. Is she talented? Yes! Is she a good performer? Yes! But talent doesn’t equal godliness and worldly excellence doesn’t justify God’s presence.

‘It is same with Christians who listen to Nicki Minaj, and the rest who constantly talk about their privates. Really amoral lyrics. WAP. Why should a Christian listen to songs like this? What exactly does it do to your mind?

‘They may have trendy beat and irresistible melodies, but they are created to masturbate your mind away from spiritual alertness. I am a musician, I play the guitar and I can tell you for free that music is powerful! Highly powerful. David played the harp and demons left Saul

‘If it’s possible to chase away demons through music, isn’t it logically consistent to assume that it’s possible to attract certain demons and spirits through music? With our lukewarm Theo-cultural sensitivity, this might seem like a weak take.

Have you ever wondered why it is easy to legit memorize the lyrics of a song than to read a book? Music, they say, is the language of the soul. Music can make you enjoy words you would abhor if they were merely spoken to you. Melodies make you enjoy what you should spit out.

As an audiophile and deeply musically inclined person, I appreciate a wide range of musical ingenuity, but I had to cut off many. There are songs that just come with a sense of depression. Why should you listen to songs that create a mood that’s against your wellness ?

Have you ever listened to songs that made you feel what you had never experienced? That’s the potency of carefully crafted lyrics and melodic doodles. Every song that kicks you into a mind-sphere that’s anti biblical values should be avoided.

Your salvation is eternally safe, but your walk with God needs work. I wouldn’t mention more names, but as you grow and listen to the Holy Spirit, you’ll know what to cut off. I mentioned Beyoncé, Cardi B and their likes because I see the influence they have on young people.

And some of these musicians benevolently mention God in some of their songs. It’s a gimmick. Beyoncé has a song Church GIRL, and that doesn’t mean she is promoting Jesus Christ.

The popular entertainment industry is owned by SATAN. Controversial but true. Be alert before you consume, while you consume and after you consume. It’s quite a lot to talk about here, but this is a starter. Stay spiritually sensitive

Solomon Buchi drops his advice about baby mama trend

Kemi Filani News recalls that Buchi sahred his opinion to the ‘baby mama‘ trend rocking the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Buchi who is known for his dishing out relationship advice from a Godly perspective took a swipe at celebrities who get pregnant or impregnate their partners before marriage.

According to Buchi, the act is a deliberate one by celebrities and it’s not the proper way… Simply put, “pregnancy before marriage is off”.

Without mentioning the names of any celebrity, Buchi noted that celebrities who indulge in such acts are highly loved; but he questioned how they are “shaping marriage to their followers who lack foundational moral values”.

Buchi who is also a writer noted that there was a time parents hid their children who get pregnant before marriage. However, the reverse is the case now.

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