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Singer Morachi escapes death as his Range Rover explodes on the highway while driving

Sexy artist Richie Marvin Chieme Akuba better known as Morachi has just escaped death by the whiskers as his Range Rover SUV exploded on the high way.

The music star whose song Hapuya, Like that was a major hit back then shared the sad news via his Instagram page.

According to him God saved him from exploding with the car.

“God did it. Yes, he saved my life. I am grateful to God. My Range Rover exploded while I was still in the car driving on the high way back from Alabama to Atlanta,” he wrote.

In an earlier interview, Morachi revealed what made his career nosedive after the release of his hit song, Hapuya  

He said, “I am a revolutionary, I know the industry has changed a lot. I just want to use the media to show the world what I wanted to show them years ago, that they didn’t give me the chance to do.

After “Hapuya”, there was follow up. A lot of things also happened that my fans are not aware of. There was a lot of politics that turned me to a politician.  Then, I was writing songs for people and before you know it, it will blow, the likes of Tuface, Plantation Boiz, Azadus, Remedies were all around then.

I wrote my song, I didn’t have a promo CD, I just had a video and I went to sleep and the song blew.  I didn’t know so much about the industry then, it was when my song blew that I realized what was happening in the industry. I tried my type of sound after Hapuya but the industry did not accept it, I tried another one, they didn’t take it as well.

When I released “Onye”, it came so close to a hit but a lot of things happened and it changed everything. I wanted to use a live lion in the video but it didn’t work.  There was a lot of rumor about the video later on, the media said I was fetish, that I was an illuminati, they said I put my leg on a live tortoise. They said all sorts of things.  I also lost my only sister around that time, they connected the video to her death. There was negative publicity for me then, it sort of killed Onye. I just wanted the media to let me be. Though I needed their key support but it wasn’t coming.”

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