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I don’t eat anything disgusting except it’s like a body part – Simi tells husband Adekunle during a fun couple’s game

Nigeria’s favorite celebrity couple Simi and Adekunle took to tiktok recently to answer some fun couple questions.



Nigeria’s favorite celebrity couple Simi and Adekunle took to tiktok recently to answer some fun couple questions.

The duo lounged in the airy living room as their daughter, Deja plays around while they answered the questions honestly.

“Which one of you has to be right?”

Simi – “Probably me. But like…do I have to be right?”

“Is your partner as smart as they the are?”

“Hell yeah” They both affirmed boldly

When they were asked a question about dishonesty, simi revealed that dishonesty is not entertained in their household.

Things soon got heated and interesting when a question popped up which read,

“What is something your partner eats that you find repulsive?”

And while they both struggled to answer it, Simi revealed that she is a picky eater and so will not be found eating a repulsive food.

And then she added at the end of her of it” except it’s like a body part”.

The video ended abruptly after that. Netizens have expressed their delight in seeing a happy celebrity marriage in Nigeria while some others are pondering on what the “body part” she mentioned could mean.

Peep the reactions of some people below!

One officialdimove wrote

“Ladies! apart from money, choose a homely partner.”

One the foodnetworkng wrote,

“They said Partners that smart together smart together. Simi & AG jus fit,2 cray people!”

One barrrie_ write wrote,

“They live a normal life and I love it”

One Michael___x wrote,

“I like how blogs are promoting these couples too often, at least it shows that there are still WORKING marriages out there… wishing them a even more long lasting happy marriage.”

One jimmy_micheal_adekoya wrote

“Dishonesty is not a quality we accept in this household.”

One her__chin ones wrote,

“Unless it’s like a body part “

One sabitalknews wrote

“Love is when you and vour partner get issues and settle it privately without coming online, only people wey fit advise me on marriage”

One denzela_chika wrote

“Meanwhile some people are busy populating the earth with various olosho all over the globe”

One _mis_faith wrote

“Marriage no suppose dey too serious na una dey make an difficult”

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