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Samklef issues ultimatum to Banky W

Samklef demands for evidence issues an ultimatum

Nigerian music producer, Samklef has issued out a 6 days warning to his former boss and politician, Banky Wellington over publishing and royalties rights.

Kemi Filani news reported that Samklef had dragged his former record label boss, Banky W for ripping him off Wizkid’s album, which he produced and for being controlling.

He alleged that Banky W humiliated him and told Wizkid to rip him off his Pakurumo song right in his presence.

However, Wizkid’s humble nature didn’t allow him do so and this degenerated argument between the two.

Samklef further claimed that this was one of the reasons Wizkid left the label.

Responding to his incessant rants, Banky W begged him to leave his name out of his mouth and handle his business himself.

Banky reminded him that his own name isn’t included in the album and he doesn’t enjoy any royalties form the album.

He told him to chanel his energy to the right source as he isn’t in charge of it.

He wrote, “I don’t think you understand that my name is not there and was never there. EME’s name is not there. We have never taken a dime of these royalties and never will. We have never controlled them. You need to take this up with whoever is controlling this and for goodness sake stop talking about me. I’m not the one in charge.. I’m minding my business, please handle yours”.

Responding, Samklef sternly warned Banky not to mess with him as his lawyers told him to hold him responsible.

He wrote, “U all remembered Banky W told me to drag @wizkidayo based on my publishing and royalties for the past 11 years? After consulting with my team of Lawyers, have been told to drag Banky not Wizkidayo cause the album was released under EME. So I will give him 6 days to provide me both his lawyers and wizkidayo lawyers emails. Samklef open court house. If he sold the album out. I would like to know b4 next week. Don’t play with me”.

He added, “The album was released under EME. So na @bankywellingtom go need drag @wizkidayo as I want drag am more so! Nobody is above the law! Getting all my money. Strictly business no emotions”.

Samklef demands for evidence
Samklef demands for evidence
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