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“Sam Larry once threatened to k#ll me on Zinolesky’s order, for playing Seyi Vibez song” -Dj Tuzo



Dj tuzo slams naira Marley and Zinolesky

In the wake of the tragic and controversial death of Nigerian singer Mohbad, the music industry continues to be hit with a storm of revelations, accusations, and debates.

Among those who have decided to speak out is DJ Tuzo, who recently made some shocking claims about an altercation he had with Sam Larry, an aide to Naira Marley, and Zinoleesky, a popular musician.

This revelation was first made known by Twitter user who goes by “deepagon of Lagos. He had brought attention to this incident by stating that Sam Larry and Zinoleesky had attacked and bullied a DJ for playing Seyi Vibez’s music while Zinoleesky was present.
“This same guys att ked and b llied this DJ for playing SeyiVibez’s music while Zino was present. This guys don dey this lane he don tey”
DJ Tuzo then confirmed the accuracy of this information, revealing the full story.

According to DJ Tuzo, he was the DJ in question, and the confrontation occurred because he had played Seyi Vibez’s songs while Zinoleesky was present at a club.
“Iwas the DJ. Sam Larry . thr tened to Sh. ot me and Burry dispose my body in a shallow grave, if not for the intervention of my Security men, management & others. All cos I played SEYI VIBEZ songs…Zino was there, he ordered the assault.”

DJ Tuzo credits his survival to the intervention of his security team, management, and others who stepped in to prevent the assault from escalating further.

DJ Tuzo’s revelation also adds more controversy in the midst of the speculations surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death.

A video showing Sam Larry physically assaulting Mohbad had surfaced online some days back. Also, a petition signed by Mohbad against Sam Larry had previously surfaced, contributing to the commection Sam Larry might have twitch Mohbad’s passing.