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“Don’t ever query me for not celebrating you” Drama as Ruby Ojiakor issues stern warning to Anita Joseph (Video)

Ruby Ojiakor warns Anita Joseph

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Ruby Ojiakor has called out her senior colleague, Anita Joseph.

Taking to her Instagram page, Ruby Ojiakor sternly warned Anita Joseph never to query her for not celebrating her.

According to Ruby, Anita Joseph had queried her in her DMs for not celebrating her birthday in January.

Ruby noted how Anita Joseph didn’t celebrate her when she got her mother a new house but was expecting her to celebrate her.

Threatening her, Ruby stated that till the world ends, Anita Joseph should never query her for that.

She noted how she always celebrates people even if they are not of her caliber, but that isn’t the same for Anita Joseph.

“I don’t know how some persons rate others, or how people see their fellow of how they see you? I don’t know how people reason. For, Ruby Ojiakor, she respects and loves everywhere.

I don’t celebrate you based on your level. If you are for me, I am for you. If you celebrate me, I will celebrate you.

I am making this video because of Anita Joseph, don’t try to query me for not celebrating you till the world end. Don’t call or send DM, and don’t try it again.

I built a house for my mother, you didn’t celebrate me beautifully I am not at your level. Then, you have the right, to query me for not celebrating your birthday. Did you celebrate with me? Now, you want me to celebrate you”.

Captioning the video, she wrote, “One good turn deserves another. Stop looking down on others”, because nobody knows tomorrow.

What is good for the goose” is also good for the gander”.

God bless everyone”.

Ruby Ojiakor surprises her mother with a new house as a New Year’s gift

Kemi Filani reported in January that Ruby Ojiakor had kept an everlasting smile on her mother’s face by buying her a new house.

The Nollywood actress joined the leagues of celebrities giving their parents houses, as she surprised her mum with a new house as a New Year gift.

Taking to her Instagram page to show off the house, Ruby rained praises on her mother. The actress noted how she has been mocked online for her poor lifestyle, but she decided to bear it all to give her mother the best in life.

“A new year gift from me to my beloved mother

The womb that gave birth to a Queen.
My Role Model.
My prayers warrior.
My world’s best.

Mummy ur daughter doesn’t have a good car as a matter of fact they troll me online every day to change my car. In fact, they called it an “1800” car, meaning an ancient car….” Read more here.

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