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“It is unwise gifting yourself a new car shortly after the death of Junior Pope” – Man slams Ruby Ojiakor, orders her to sell the car

Man slams Ruby Ojiakor for buying new car after Junior Pope's death

A social media user has slammed Nollywood actress Ruby Ojiakor for gifting herself a brand-new car.

Kemi Filani reported on Sunday that the Asaba movie star had splashed millions on a new car, which she made known on her Instagram page with photos of her new whip. She stated that there are too many reasons for her to praise God.

Taking to her comment section, a man had slammed her, stating that it was unwise she gifted herself a new car worth millions shortly after the death of Junior Pope.

Ruby Ojiakor buys new car

He added that it is more unwise that she moved on quickly yet claimed to be Junior Pope’s close friend and, to add to it, took the place of his widow but now, she is over noted to the extent of buying herself a car leaving the actor’s widow in the dark.

The man noted how it isn’t even a year since the actor died and how people will think she faked all the mourning.

“Ruby Ojiakor, it’s unwise gifting yourself a new car worth millions shortly after the death of Jnr Pope. It’s more unwise to move in quickly yet claim to be Jnr Pope’s closest. Most unwise how you almost took the place of his widow but now being overjoyed to the extent of buying yourself a car leaving the Jnr Pope’s wife in the dark. It is not even up to 5 months, not a year. People may think you faked all the mourning. Go sell this car now to avoid suspicion or gift Jnr Pope’s wife as crying gift to share her up. Learn how to mourn well. Incest in your acting skills, not this liability. Avoid flaunting luxuries for unneeded validations. Be wise. Don’t be unwise”.

Man slams Ruby Ojiakor for buying new car after Junior Pope's death

Recall that when the news of his death broke out, Ruby had taken a break from social media for a month to mourn him. She made her return in May, questioning her Maker over his death and saying a word of prayers for his killers.

In another post, the Asaba movie star called out Baba Rex and Adanma Luke, the producer of the movie which claimed his life and others. She noted how Rex was using Junior Pope’s death as content on Instagram while Adanma was allegedly telling people how he begged her for a job rather than grieving him.

Adanma hit back, hinting at Ruby Ojiakor having an intimate relationship with the late JP, and this has led to a fallout between Ruby and Junior Pope’s wife, Jennifer Awele, as they unfollowed each other on social media.

Despite the drama, Ruby marked Junior Pope’s one-month remembrance following his burial, as she declared that he is forever in her heart and told him to rest.

Amid the controversy, actor Stanley Nwoko promised to stand by her anytime, any day and assured her of his love and admonished her to keep being real and not living a fake life. He further admonished her not to allow anyone to determine how she should mourn the late actor and not listen to what Adanma Luke said about her.

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