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“Portable needs to be in rehab” Journalist sparks online debate

Portable needs to be in rehab

Nigerian fast rising singer, Portable has been trending online after a journalist avowed that the singer should be placed in a rehab.

Since gaining fame late last year, Portable is known more for his controversial lifestyle rather than his career.

His constant fights with hoodlums and street urchins has earned him a disrespect from many.

An online debate has been sparked on Twitter after a journalist opined that the singer be kept in rehab following his drug over.

He added that Portable would be better in rehab and not at concerts.

He tweeted: “They gave Portable money and fame, but ignored the fact that the dude I’d damaged and needs help. Drugs has ruined the guy, he needs to be in rehab not performing at shows”.

As always, his tweet drew mixed reactions. While some supported him, others bashed him for hating on him.

Femi Ashievers : You only hate good thing. Nobody dey give fake, he no force himself blow, it’s just his time make una rest…all your favorite artists do drug na them chop banku pass. Take them to rehab. Abi you just say this because Portable is portable.

Adedolapooooooo : “So trueees

Elebu Ransom : The journalist is making sense the guy really need to be rehab including me lol infact the whole Nigeria need rehab especially buhari

Love : many of your fav celebs need rehab top leave portable alone

Boda Wale : Is that why he got 2 cars destroyed on his birthday, and probably wanted there now?

Also, rescued by Shina Peller at the show in Ibadan?

Doesn’t it look like he needs help? You don’t have to hate someone to point out something that is constantly off.

Easy Rostfrei Dewole: Forget rehab for now and talk about his safety.
He is clearly under threat and you people talking about rehab….. No be person wey dey alive go go for rehab?.

Journalist opines that portable needs to be in Rehab
Journalist opines Portable needs to be in rehab
Portable needs to be in rehab
Portable needs to be in rehab

Kemi Filani news the singer cried out for help over threat to his life.

The singer who was accosted by some hoodlums on his birthday, Saturday, March 12 has broken his silence about the incident.

Kemi Filani news that the Zazoo crooner had an open confrontation with area boys at Sango Iyana.

According to eye witness, the singer got the street boys infuriated when he refused giving them money.

The singer’s car was severely damaged following the altercation.

Breaking his silence, Portable took to his Instagram page to cry out for help.

He revealed that his life was being threatened by his former record label boss, Mr Yusuf who lured him into cultism.

He said that Mr Yusuf promised him wealth and fame, and to connect him with Pasuma and other popular musicians.

He claimed that his Boss, who is the leader of Agberos in Sango deceived him as all his promises were fake.

He revealed that the boys tracked him down when he went to the Trenches of Sango to celebrate his birthday.

He further claimed that he was given 7days to live.

“They all spoilt all my car.
He said he has money, people and he is the boss.
He would kill me, he gives me 7days.

Last year, he left me,
He said he has record label, that is a lie because he doesn’t have studio.

He has signed artiste for 15 years who didn’t blow
I came to his side, I trended they gave him work, he went to build house in Lekki”.

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