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“Talk to your wife direct and stop going through corners” Netizens fire Yomi Casual over his reaction to Korra Obidi’s divorce

Yomi Casual and wife

Celebrity stylist Makun Omoniyi otherwise addressed as Yomi Casual is presently under fire over his alleged cryptic response to the ongoing divorce drama of Korra Obidi and Justin Dean.

Kemi Filani recalls that Justin Dean shocked Nigerians when he announced his plans to divorce his wife, Korra Obiora few days after welcoming their second child.

Reacting to this drama, Yomi Casual admonished all wives not to turn their husbands into monsters.

The happily married father of two also taunted ladies who wanted to be a boss, asking them not to bring the energy into their relationship.

He wrote: “Dear wife’s, please don’t use your hands to turn your caring husband into a monster. It is OK to be a boss lady, but please, don’t bring that vibe to your husband if he is a sweetheart from Day 1. He is not your competition. Ladies when you find a good man, please don’t treat him like what you have been through. He came into your life to make things beautiful and different”

As usual, this statement did not please all who believed the stylist was partial by not addressing both genders on the issue.

A Sandy warned men against treating their wives like trash and expecting a loving reaction.

Sandypreneur wrote: And vice versa, men please don’t treat your women like trash, keep whatever title you have outside your home and keep being that caring ,loving friend she married. We all can and should maintain the same energy.

Also, netizens did not forget to drag Yomi Causal’s marriage, asking him to call out his wife directly and stop going through corners.

eazylife.rex: You can say the name though and stop going through corners

mzkiara1: Vice versa What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

tukooldegreat: Werey you go tell us wetin happen now make street support you

toryvillage: Talk to your wife direct. Stop going through corners.

bimborella1: A monster is a monster…it just takes months or even years for a monster to manifest…no one turns a full-grown ass man into a monster…true colors shows with time and that’s what’s being exhibited in the Kora and Justin Marriage…the man clearly understood the games better than Kora did…he came online at the lowest and most vulnerable time…a nursing mother with a baby to take care of and that was the moment a man picked!!!..and you all taking sides when you all don’t know the full story… there’s an adage that says :he who hears one side of a matter and runs with it is a wicked being…

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